Nightmare hunters

Nightmares are figments of our imaginations gone wrong.
Well, for most are something wrong, there are people who enjoy nightmares, but then, can they be called nightmares?
I digress, let’s go back to the topic.
Nightmares are terrifying and exhausting events and experiences for most of those who go through them.
Nightmares can be stopped and can be terminated but how?
Well, there are certain individuals with the powers to dreamwalk, and they took upon themselves to hunt nightmares and ensure the good sleep of individuals.
They are called nightmare hunters, though the more cheeky ones call themselves “nightmare assassins”.
Why did such a thing come into existence?
Firstly, because nightmares are truly a bane of a good night’s sleep, and secondly, there are individuals out there with superpowers that give people nightmares.
Thus it was necessary for someone to fight back.
And people soon found the right individuals for this task.
Gifted people who can freely enter others dreams, and interact with their conscience.
And they helped and lived up to the task.
Those who have an idea or two about how the world really works, would ask: “Why would they do it?” and “How can we know they don’t mess with the brains and conscience of those whose dreams they enter?”
These questions would be absolutely valid, safe for one fact.
The owner of the dreams can involuntarily act in self-defense, which can damage the dreamwalkers mind and soul.
Also, dreamwalkers can influence and change one’s dreams, but not completely nor directly.
Meaning that they can change the atmosphere, they can change the mood, vibe and certain elements, but it can’t be an overall change.
And most importantly: the rewards are bountiful.
Besides the monetary remuneration they get from the government, country, organization or even simple individual that hired them, they also get “expertise”.
This “expertise” translates simply into experience and growth regarding their powers and the usage of their powers.
More nightmares they kill, more dreams they cleanse, the stronger they become.
Same goes for the wrong doers as well, unfortunately, as more nightmares they create, the stronger they get.
But, fortunately or unfortunately there is a balance in everything.
And as the good and evil fight behind the scenes, in our dreams, the world itself is shifting.
Sometimes the world favors the light, the good dreams, the nightmare hunters, but other times, the world favors the darkness, the night, the nightmares.
And sadly the trend is slowly changing…for the worse.

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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