Fate changing rusty key

Living on a farm is amazing.
Working the farm is the best exercise, while the air, scenery is rewarding.
The work as well is extremely rewarding.
You can see the fruits of your hard work…literally.
I also love taking care of my animals, they are my extended family.
But sadly life as a farmer is not easy.
Pests, bad weather, random wildlife entering the land, this all are easily acceptable as they are hard to be controlled, and some of them have countermeasures.
But the costs of being a farmer are getting higher and higher, and even a single missed harvest could make it hard for us to remain on the good side of the banks.
After all, without loans, how could I afford so many licenses, equipment and shop locations?
And without licenses, equipment and good locations, how could I keep up with my competitors?
But now, I may have a solution.
Looking at the rusty key I got from my great-grandpas wardrobe, I went to the attic.
My great-grandpa was a legend.
He single-handedly raised an empire of farming.
His crops were the best, freshest and they kept this freshness the longest.
He bought land over and over and over again, our farm becoming the 4th largest in the entire country.
He had never ending crops, always selling the same amount, being respected as one of the best suppliers in the entire Northern continent.
But after he left, my grandfather, and father didn’t succeed in doing the same.
The crops were top-tier, and they were regularly harvested, but problems did pop out from time to time, so their efficiency was way lower.
And now, I found a note that said to lead towards the secret of my great-grandfather, alongside with the rusty key.
I went to the attic, with my heart playing a drum solo in my chest.
Opening the attic’s door, I entered it with great expectations.
Expectations that were shattered instantly by what I saw.
The attic was mostly empty, safe for a box, and a lot of dust.
Looking at the roof tiles, I sighed, before turning around, disappointed.
But before leaving, I turned back, completely baffled.
I just realized something.
There was another door in the attic, a door that shouldn’t be there…as there is nothing to be behind it.
Slowly walking up to the door, I felt heavy.
Just those ten steps or so were as exhausting like walking the endless fields we have.
After reaching the door, I opened it with the rusty key.
A fresh breeze, coupled with a fragrance of vegetables and upturned slightly wet ground hit me in the face.
It was warm, and bright.
Behind the door, was an endless field, covered in crops ready to be harvested.
I was scared.
How in the name of everything that is right, is this possible?
A field that expands for as far as I can see and even further away….how did it appear in my attic?
I closed the door, and went after my wife.
She was just as baffled as I was, but she was quicker to recover.
“Let’s enter.”
She said, going onto the field.
I followed her, and looked around.
We took several crops that could be eaten directly, and we found out that they were absolutely delicious.
Much more than our own products.
My wife said, pointing to the plant from which we just took 2 tomatoes.
The places where the missing tomatoes were, quickly produced 2 perfectly healthy, and ripe new tomatoes.
My wife frowned and took one more.
Not even 10 seconds later, a new one grew to replace it.
After experimenting over and over again, we burst into laughter.
“Like this, we don’t need to worry about the contracts! We will surely be able to supply the required amounts!”
We shouted, and left.
We explained what we found to our kids as well, making them to promise not to tell anyone.
Well, we didn’t really need to worry, as we were a big family.
Kids moved back here with their own families not too long ago.
Also, this is something hard to believe without seeing it.
I framed the rusty key, and placed it above the fireplace.
“This is what saved our farm.”
I will tell to my grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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