A cup of tea

Many walk the path of cultivation, but few reach the peak.
Hard work, talent, resources and luck are all needed for one to progress, but even then stepping on and reaching the peak of everything is hard.
Many experts that could split oceans and move mountains have stopped progressing, and were covered by the dust of the passing time.
And yet, more and more people embark on the journey of this path.
Now, rumors afloat, that there is a Sage, that but with a simple discussion, conversation, can help one gain enlightenment.
And there are proofs as well, as 2 Monarch have already sprouted simply but a decade after having met this so called “Sage”.
Today, one of the olden rising stars, “Time and Space” Tamse is the focus of a myriad gazes.
People around the Mountain of the Sage are all silent, and watching his figure slowly climbing the stairs.
He was one of those that people thought with certainty will reach the Monarch level and after that, he will become the Emperor of the era, and raise the entire universe’s level.
But alas, he fall a half-a-step short, being stuck at the half-step-Monarch level for decades.
Now, his old title, his fame, renown and talent are but a mockery to his address.
But he’s unbothered by all of the whispers and murmurings.
He lived his life as he wanted, he travelled and learnt, the reason of being stuck eludes him, but it doesn’t shackle him down.
Now, opportunity waves at him, and he will do everything in his powers to achieve a breakthrough.
He is carefree yet wary, after all his enemies are endless, yet nowhere to be seen.
But after a while he understood.
The surroundings are filled with experts, old and new, who would dare to raise a commotion around here?
He is lucky in this regard.
Being the heir of a top-tier sect, and a descendant of a top-tier family, his background is flawless.
Being righteous almost to a fault, he saved as many as he could, thus his reputation is impeccable.
Now, nobody dares to delay him, people are curious.
Everyone needs to know: “Will an Emperor appear, or will this era remain mediocre, and the wait will continue?”
Tamse’s thoughts were calm yet stormy as he ascended the mountain.
Stepping at the peak, he was baffled by what he saw.
An old man, sitting under an umbrella watching the scenery was all that was there.
No palace, no hut, no cave…nothing impressive was to be found.
But he knew better than to judge by appearances, thus slowly approaching the old man, he bowed.
“Sage, I’ve come to ask for your guidance.”
He said.
“Sit down, young one and let’s talk.”
The old man said chuckling.
Tamse sat down next to the old man.
The old man clapped, and a table with two cups of tea appeared between the two.
“I am no Sage, and I can’t guide you youngling, but I can listen.
So I said, please, talk.”
The old man said smiling, and sipping the tea.
Tamse nodded slightly, and took a sip of the tea before telling his story.
He didn’t know if it was due to the mood or due to the old man’s tea, but he was feeling weightless, as he recounted everything that he experienced.
Their “talk” took 3 days and 3 nights, albeit only Tamse talked, while the old man just listened, with closed eyes, and a smile upon his face.
“Young one, you are a good one, but have you enjoyed this life of yours?”
The old man asked.
Tamse froze a bit, tilting his head, before sipping from the tea.
Unbelievably, the tea was still hot, and the cup was still full, even after 3 days and 3 nights.
“Enjoyed it? I trained, fought and saved people.
I’ve met with people who became my brothers and sisters, people whom I can trust and rely on…
I’ve done more than enough, I think, so yes, I enjoyed it.”
Tamse answered.
“Even if it was so hard, so cruel?”
The old man asked.
“Especially because it was so hard, and so cruel.
Like this, our triumphs weigh more.”
Tamse answered.
“Will you forget your friends, and family if you travel to heights they can never reach?”
The old man asked.
“NEVER! One’s roots need to be remembered and respected, no matter how high one flies!”
Tamse answered, spilling out the tea.
“Ho-ho, no need to get so excited young one.
Seems like you’ve got your answers already, so stop playing in the mud and spread your wings already.”
The old man said, chuckling.
After saying that, the old man stood up, and left for the deeper parts of the mountain.
Tamse remained seated, while the tea he spilled quickly became a mist that surrounded him.
Soon, lightning and thunder raged over the mountain.
After two entire months of disastrous weather, the situation calmed down.
Right then, a tremendous pressure enveloped everyone at the foot of the mountain.
It was Tamse, who was now slowly walking down the stairs.
“H-h-h-He has the Emperor’s sign!”
Somebody shouted.
And indeed, behind Tamse there it was, an image of himself upon a throne, being worshipped by a myriad races, planets and stars.
“You broke through.”
An old man who appeared out of nowhere told Tamse.
“Indeed Watcher, I broke through.
Now I can help this universe develop a bit more.”
Tamse said, with a nod.
“How did he help you?” The Watcher asked.
“He listened to me and gave me a cup of tea.”
Tamse said, smiling before taking to the skies.
Everybody was confused, but happy nonetheless.
Their universe finally had someone to rely on.

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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