The impossible deed becomes a legend

The sky was dark and the atmosphere was filled with tension.
The wind was raging and the skies thundered.
Ten thousand brave men and women stood tall in the valley of death, facing the enemy.
The enemy, an army a thousand times their size was here to conquer, loot and erase everything that has already be done by them.
They would fight for their lives, for their traditions, for their history, for their family.
Yet, what can measly ten thousand do against the sea of men, women and even beasts of flesh and ores?
And nonetheless, they stood tall and brave, not shaking at all, even having a contented smile on their face.
“We can’t win.”
The defendant army’s side just started their last talk.
The commander said.
“We know.”
The soldiers shouted back.
“They are at least 1000 times more than we are. Our chances of victory are nil.”
The commander said.
“Aye! We just each need to defeat 1000 enemies, we will do it!”
The soldiers shouted back.
The commander smiled.
“For our country! For our families!”
The commander shouted.
The soldiers repeated, and made noise with their weapons and shields.
Right then, across the plain they stood, the dark sea of enemies moved.
Cavalry started running towards them, while the enemy archers rained an arrow shower upon them.
Nobody died.
Each of them were used to such scenes, arrows were useless against them.
The cavalry was halfway through the plain, when the ground shook.
At first, they thought it was due to the cavalry, but then the commander’s face paled.
“Mother Earth’s rage is erupting! Fall back!”
The commander shouted, before starting to run away with her comrades.
The cavalry didn’t stop, the infantry behind them continued their journey as well.
Same can be said about the beasts of flesh and ores as well.
After all, the enemy is running away, why should they stop?
And then, the earth cracked, while the skies sang a thunderous song.
The earth split and swallowed the majority of the invader’s army.
The defending army already retreated, falling back and climbing upon a smaller mountain.
There have been injuries due to falling rocks, but no deaths.
After the earth calmed down, a heavy downpour started.
The defending army came down from the heights they climbed, and observed the “battlefield.”
It was a hellish scene.
A huge sinkhole formed where once the plain stood.
“Ah…where will I bring my sheep?”
One of the soldiers whined.
“This is Mother Earth’s blessing you fool!”
Another soldier chastised, hitting the first soldier in the back of their head.
“Indeed. It’s a blessing.”
The commander said.
After a long period of silence, standing in the heavenly rage like weather, the soldiers started to talk.
“We…we won, right?”
“I guess…the enemy is but a shell of their former selves…”
“We won.”
The commander stopped the discussions.
Cheers erupted, and everyone embraced each other.
The impossible happened, and they won against the odds.
They would become legends, legends that protected their lands.

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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