Clumsy Hero

Watching the streets being ravaged by the two individual’s fight, I felt disappointed.
“This is our hero?”
I said, shaking my head.
Suddenly, the villain was thrown high up in the skies, while the hero started approaching the café I was at.
Sipping my tea, I sighed.
“She heard me, right?”
I said.
“I heard you al…right.”
She said, almost falling in front of me, but I caught her.
“Sit, you must be tired.”
I said.
She sat down, but not before dusting off her costume a bit.
“So, you think I am not good enough, huh?”
She questioned, crossing her arms.
She was quite the beauty, I must say, but sadly she was missing a few screws.
“Have you seen the fight scene?”
I asked.
“Yes, but I can’t help it.”
She answered.
“Oh, you can’t help it, what a nice…”
“Hero, right?”
She interrupted me.
“I wanted to say excuse, but okay.”
I said, shrugging.
A waiter brought her tea, which of course, she succeeded in spilling.
“Are you okay?”
I asked.
“Don’t worry, heat like this can’t scar me.”
She answered, laughing proudly.
“My bad, let me rephrase.
How are you okay?
How did you survive until this day, being so clumsy?”
I asked.
“I am not clumsy, but my reactions are too fast, and sometimes my body reacts too late.”
She answered seriously.
“Then train your body…”
I said, sighing.
It was an interesting conversation, but thankfully it didn’t last.
Or at least so I thought, because the next day, I had a new neighbor.
A young woman, with long purple hair and glowing blue eyes moved next-door.
She was tall and good looking, even while wearing a tracksuit.
But one thing bothered me…her smirk.
“hey there “neighbor”, I hope we will get along nicely.”
She said as a greeting.
“Oh my…who did I offend to deserve this?”
I complained, shutting the door in her face.
Afterwards, she spent her free time at me, asking how could she become a better hero.
I sighed.
“At least you aren’t a lost cause…”
I said, trying to come to terms with this situation.

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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