Why should I?

I was talented so I was told to work hard.
I agreed with this fact.
One shouldn’t waste life’s gifts.
But then, the people around me got greedy.
“you are talented and you work hard, you should strive for more!”
They told me.
“Why should I?”
I asked.
I was already content with what I had.
With my talents, and hard work, I got recognized as a rising star.
I was getting plenty of resources to my name from both my sect and my country.
My parents told me to live the way I want.
But everyone else forced me in precarious scenarios.
“Fight with the younger generation of this country, prove that our sect is the best.”
“Fight in the Empire wide contest, prove that our country is the best.”
“Fight in the Continental youth contest, prove that our Empire is the best.”
And many more similar requests…
I got tired.
“Why should I?”
I murmured as I disappeared from the sights of everyone.
I was popular, famous one might say, but it was annoying.
My wishes were simple.
Have enough food, have shelter and live a long, healthy and happy life with those I love.
I smuggled my parents out of the sect and hid them in a wasteland.
I joined them soon after and started working on my plan.
Buying land from the kingdom was easy, as the prices were low as the land barely had any spirituality.
We had two towns and several dozen villages on our land, and we were so happy.
Interacting with mortals is enjoyable, much more fun and less restricted than spending time with cultivators.
I started farming, and carving, two activities I really enjoyed even back in the sect.
Alas, the sect forbid me from doing them 24/7, since it “affected my cultivation”.
They were so wrong.
Not even half a year later, when it was finally time to harvest the crops I grew, I noticed the change.
I was several times stronger, than back in the days of daily cultivation.
Well, farming, carving statues and bonding with both mortal and nature is also a form of cultivation.
And seemingly, it works better for me, than the mainstream version.
I was happy, my parents were happy and I even met a good partner.
She was a librarian in one of the towns under our rule.
She was stubborn and spicy, never retreating and always correcting my misconceptions.
She was a wonder.
Somehow, I managed to win her heart and wed her.
It was a simple wedding.
A big festival done in the town we had our mansion in, and each village came fully to celebrate with us.
Is that still simple?
Of course! 
We didn’t invite anyone, but issued a public invitation to everyone.
While being a good husband, a good “landlord”, a good friend, a good farmer and a good wood carver, I slowly understood something.
Why should cultivation be something unnatural?
Why should we always fight for something?
Why shouldn’t we simply enjoy life as it is?
The earth is warm and it gives back whatever it gets.
The heavens are fair as well, sooner or later rewarding those that deserve to be rewarded and punishing the ones that deserve punishment.
Why should I fight for glory?
Why should I wrestle for eternal fame?
Why should I kill, scheme and try hard for gaining resources?
The land beneath me can give me everything I wished for.
The woman next to me can give me everything that I want and need, and even more.
My parents can oversee me and my little cubs.
My friends can cheer me up.
Why should I need anything else?
I already got everything I need and even more, here in the mortal world.

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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