Training me was a mistake

My life was but a long training session.
I was left for dead as a child on the chaotic streets, and adopted by the Old Man.
The Old Man was the chief of the capital city’s assassin guild.
Not hard to see how I was raised right?
He found me when I was 5, the perfect age to start teaching and training younglings, as he said.
From learning all the languages of the planet, through geography, history and in the end psychology and politics, we’ve been taught everything.
And the physical training was just as detailed.
Sharpening our senses, trying to birth the 6th sense in each of us, but sadly only a few awakened it.
Learning all forms of combat, weaponry and most importantly stealth and information gathering.
I was the best in our batch.
I just liked to study, as it calmed me down.
I don’t have a strong personality, so acting as someone completely different comes easy to me.
As for killing techniques and combat in general, I was a natural.
It really made me curious about my biological parents, damn genes made me suitable for both academic and athletic careers.
But the Old Man just shrugged it off, “Found you fighting for some scraps in a dark alley, who knows where and who your parents are”.
I didn’t mind, after all, when I graduate the training program, the entire world will be my playground.
So it won’t be hard to fish for information.
And indeed, the whole world was served to me.
But it wasn’t as a playground, but rather as a cage.
More than 80% of “suicide” ranked missions has been given to me.
And my training continued, with the Old Man personally teaching me secret skills.
The assassin’s guild poured everything it could into me.
How wrong they were.
As I already mentioned, I don’t have a strong personality, I like to relax and go with the flow.
Imagine my joy when I finally stopped getting tailed by some senior ranked assassins, and was completely free to do my tasks.
Well, I didn’t do them anymore.
I escaped, never to be found by the guild again.
And I was good, after all, they taught me everything they knew, and even more, I learnt a thing or two by myself.
Fishing for information, while living a normal life as a librarian at a university, I had it good.
I even managed to get myself a girlfriend that loved me.
But then, I finally found what I was looking for.
My parents were…well, nowadays the world would call them “fools”, but in olden days, they were called “martial artists”.
Two old families, tied by alliances of different forms were my blood, but my parents left, didn’t want to live hidden in the shadows.
The assassin guild found them, and tortured them for information about “true” martial arts.
That’s where the information ends.
How ironic, they left the shadows, and here I am, being a Shadow.
I don’t know if they are alive or not, but one thing is sure.
The guild will regret training me to this degree.

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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