Alien disbelief

I went to bed, and snuggled with my cosy, fluffy blanket.
I so wished for a good night’s sleep, as it was high-time for it to happen.
So, with a white noise machine, cosy pillows, blanket and pyjamas, I closed my eyes in my completely dark room.
And then, it was light.
I groaned.
“What the actual Fu..”
I murmured as I opened my eyes, just to find myself in a huge city-like place, in the middle of a street, I would guess.
I was in my bear pyjamas, and “people” around me found it normal, as nobody stopped to stare at me.
Why I said “people” like that?
Because they were frankly…non-human looking, if I want to sound polite.
Some were tall, some were short, but most importantly, none of them looked human.
They were slimy, furry, scaly, and even energy-like looking beings, walking around.
They were clearly, aliens.
After staring mouth open-wide for minutes, a person approached me.
It was the first one that was humanoid, and it wore what looked like a uniform.
It was tall, almost 2m high I think, with a pale bluish skin, and pure green eyes.
“Ehre thaw oding oyu?”
The individual said.
I said, completely confused.
The individual raised an eyebrow, or I think it’s an eyebrow.
Gesturing me to wait, he took out a device, and worked on it.
“Do you understand me now?”
The individual asked, in a hoarse voice.
“Yes, thank god you..”
I wanted to say, but I was quickly interrupted.
“Why do you speak the language of the humans? Are you a researcher of their civilization? Why aren’t you registered in our mothership’s scanning system? Why are you so similar to those humans?”
The individual shot a billion questions at me in no time.
I froze a bit.
Smiling wryly, and scratching my head, I sighed.
“I am a human.”
I said, after thinking hard what to answer.
The individual froze, then erupted into a boisterous laughter.
“You? A human? Haha! How would a human come here?
Also, a human would’ve probably made such a mess here, that the army would’ve been sent out to apprehend them!
That was a good joke!”
The individual said.
“Look here sir/madam or whatever pronouns you are using.
I am a human being, and I don’t know what image of us you guys have, but I am one of those “humans”, that’s a fact, not a joke.”
I said, crossing my arms.
I was cold, uncomfortable and confused, not a good combination to have rational discussion with, so I wanted to get over with it as soon as possible.
“You… Are you serious?”
The individual asked.
“Oh my G… Scan me, or test me or something.
You have spaceships.
 I doubt a DNA test is something foreign to you!”
I said facepalming.
The individual froze, then took out a device.
I assumed it was a scanner.
Scanning me, it paled.
Its body twitched, and took a step backwards, before raising its eyebrows, sighing and relaxing.
“You are indeed a human, but you don’t exactly behave like humans.
Are you maybe a half-blood?”
The individual asked.
“You just scanned me, seriously…”
I said, rolling my eyes.
“That sarcasm and eye rolling is indeed a strong defining feature of humans.
But…you aren’t bloodthirsty nor greedy enough, compared to the average human…weird.”
The individual continued.
“Because I was abducted in my sleep, and I am completely confused and angry?”
I said, massaging my temples.
Another human misconception, we don’t abduct you.”
The individual said.
“Oh, I must’ve sleepwalked into the air and out of my planet’s atmosphere then, sorry…”
I said, rolling my eyes.
“You are too nice to be a human.”
The individual said.
“Yeah, because all the individuals of a race are exact copies of each-other and behave exactly the same, right?”
I said, shrugging.
“Okay, I will teleport you back home, give me the coordinates where you want to go.”
The individual said.
I said my address, hoping it would be enough, and thankfully it was.
After a flash of silvery light, I’ve found myself in front of my house.
Taking out the spare key, I entered, and went back to sleep.
And regarding this small adventure of mine?
I will take it as a dream, nobody would believe me anyway.
But damn, our image is quite poor in the galactic society.
With such thoughts, I snuggled with my fluffy blanket, and had one of the best sleep I have ever had.

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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