Enchanted by chance

Watching the wolf cubs playing amongst themselves was one of the few activities that relaxed me.
They were simply adorable, except when they started cussing.
They had such a vulgar vocabulary.
The other activities that I enjoyed were : talking with Mr. Owl, sunbathing and standing in the rain.
I really hated my clumsy friends, the bears, as they always broke my bark.
If you didn’t realise by now, I am a tree.
And I am in an enchanted forest, where each inhabitant has been blessed.
How did this all happen?
One might wonder.
It all happened on a day that belongs to the category of enjoyable weathers: a stormy day.
The skies darkened, lightning and thunder interchanging now and then.
The wind was howling, tickling me and my leaves.
I was dizzy and sleepy all the time back then, so I don’t remember everything well, at least not before “that”.
“That” is the what brought us such a beautiful change.
“That” was a lightning bolt of immeasurable proportions, but it wasn’t destructive.
And it was different from normal lightning.
It was amethyst violet and gentle in nature.
When it collided with the ground it spread, covering the entire forest and even a bit more.
And afterwards, we awakened.
Flowers, grass, trees, insects, animals and birds all alike gained a new trait: wisdom.
This wisdom birthed personality.
Which is good and bad, as there are quite a few annoying ones now amongst us.
From the lightning we also gained a bit of information as well.
Seemingly, the lightning was one of a kind, with an irregular chance of occurring, when certain requirements are met.
It seems like our little world, our dear forest, was enchanted by chance.
Now, the bees are able to talk and even woo the flowers. (literally)
Bears are able to negotiate with the bees for honey, while even the berry bushes need certain water for them to give berries to the bears.
The wolves are those who changed the least, as now they talk in a way we all can understand, but they talked amongst themselves even prior to the lightning.
All trees gained a certain intelligence, but not all of them are like me.
I am the oldest one, while also being the only one who can actively talk with others.
The berry bushes, herbs, flowers and other trees can communicate, but only mentally or by transmitting intents, but they are not able to speak out loud.
Another interesting change was that the animal instincts got controllable.
Bears and wolves don’t fight anymore, nor does the wolf pack harass the deer.
They do hunt, but now there is a measure. (Albeit, the 2 races are still arch-nemesis to each-other)
While all this is good, I am afraid of what the humans will think.
We are but a desolate forest, that is not a tourist destination, so the number of hikers, tourists and in general humans, is rather low.
But once they realize our uniqueness…I fear what will ensue.
But not for us…but for them.
As now, we’ve all changed…for good, and with this change our abilities changed as well.
We can control ourselves, almost perfectly, which is quite the advantage against humans, especially for us the plant-folk.
It’s not just a change, but also an improvement, I doubt any normal chainsaw can cut my bark now!

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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