Unwarranted joy

More than three decades ago, prior to when I was born, a great change occurred.
The shackles over reality itself became loose.
The impossible became possible through certain actions.
These actions are the control and resonance people gained with the elements and energies of the very world around them.
Yes, you guessed that right, I am talking about “magic”.
These actions can be simply spoken “spells” and “chants” or the non-verbal thoughts, where one’s will and imagination can affect reality.
People were scared and jubilant at first.
They were scared because random individuals were able to conjure flaming orbs, or great earthen spikes.
And they were jubilant, because most of them were also able to do magic.
Scientists across the globe went into frenzy.
After weeks of non-stop researching and working until death’s doorstep, they’ve found a possible reason for this phenomenon.
For a reason or another, the energies within everything in the universe, became “visible” to the humans.
Not necessarily visible to the eye, but now, humans could feel the energies of certain elements they have affinity to.
Some people gained a certain relation with one or more of the elements (fire, water, wind, earth, wood, metal, lightning, or the variants of these).
Others gained a connection with some more ethereal existences like emotions, time, space, chaos or even fate.
Through this connection, people could influence said energies in a certain range.
Since our planet was always in love with game and fantasy elements, spells and chants became the mainstream “channel” to use this power.
Very soon, groups have been established, gathering people of the same affinity.
To honour the namesake of “magic”, the groups named themselves “guilds”.
Soon, when proper, certified and tested methods to control, train and awaken these powers were released to the public, the fear disappeared replaced solely by joy and curiosity.
Diseases, problems that burdened the human race for centuries were started to be solved.
Everyone was happy.
Well, most people were happy, but not those who were obsessed with novels, games and books which presented situations such as this.
They knew that each coin has two sides, and something will come in to balance this newfound power of ours.
And right they were.
Five years later, the wildlife started to dwindle, and disappear.
Nobody knew where they went, or why they disappeared, but one thing is sure, it was not good.
Panic didn’t spread, weirdly enough.
“Just wait until we master space travel, and we will find new wildlife!”
Was the bold statement of the Spatial mages.
Well, they didn’t have to find anything.
A year later, the forests, mountains, deserts, oceans, lakes, plains and all natural territories with no or barely any human activity, have been flooded by beasts.
These beasts were like our old friends, but were filled with the new energy just like us, but in a different way.
Their bodies were strengthened to monstrous degrees, while their affinities were manifested through innate abilities.
It was a total massacre what happened next.
While humans developed and researched “magic” for these 5-6 years, only a minority of us actually enhanced our bodies through these energies actively.
The beasts, using their monstrous bodies, attacked without a care, as an injury or two couldn’t disable them.
If not for those 5-6 years of “growth” time, our race would’ve been annihilated.
Even like this, we lost 20% of all our territories alongside with 35% of our forces.
The remaining guilds formed an alliance, countries were finally completely abolished, and a proper method for strengthening our forces was developed.
The energies around us were still growing.
With the usage of the energy, we could not only enhance our bodies, minds, and souls but also the connectivity with elements/laws of our choice.
Training was scheduled to be started when one was 4 years old, starting with basic body strengthening and energy meditation.
At 9, one could start to enhance and study the usage of one’s soul.
Slowly, a certain power system was established, which should’ve brought even more joy, than the first appearance of magic.
But alas, now humanity was learned and understood the ways of the universe.
Balance is truly needed, and the universe is fair.
We evolved, and became more than what we were back in the “science” age.
Our powers increased, lifespans became tens of times longer and olden diseases completely disappeared, replaced with a few, but more dangerous magical ones.
But it brought us no joy.
After all, we weren’t the sole rulers of our planet anymore.
And the spatial mages found signals that we might not be alone in the universe…
Dangers after dangers appeared, and as we got stronger, so did the danger levels increase

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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