The search that never ends

There is an endless supply of legends, myths and tales in the infinite multiverse.
But just a select few are as widespread as the legend of the “The One Who Seeks”.
“The One Who Seeks” is a tremendous, several dozen galaxy sized turtle that roams the multiverse.
It doesn’t interfere with the lives of the inhabitants of the universes it passes through.
It only travels and seeks, looking for someone that is fated with him.
“The One Who Seeks” is an enlightened being, whose powers are unfathomable for most beings that are still shackled to their native universes.
Nobody knows exactly how old “The One Who Seeks” is, but one thing is known about it.
It can help others advance by leaps and bounds in their understanding regarding any known subject in the great multiverse.
Cultivation of countless types, sciences, forbidden knowledge and many more types of information are easy to be accessed when one comes in touch with “The One Who Seeks”.
Well, relatively easy.
“The One Who Seeks” allows those with “partial” fate with it to live on its shell.
Those that live on its shell are rewarded 1 answer every year they stay on the shell, or more answers if they do something for the entity.
Like fending off enemies or how the entity calls them “pesky bugs”.
Of course “The One Who Seeks” can easily fight off even the strongest entities in top-tier universes, but it is very comfortable.
Other than scanning for knowledge it does not possesses yet, and scanning for the fated one, it won’t move.
There is a legend, in a divine universe filled with pantheons, that the top 10 pantheons sieged the entity.
The entire time the entity spent in said universe searching, estimated to be roughly 100 trillion years, the entity was constantly under siege.
Nothing happened, when the time came to leave, “The One Who Seeks” left, while the 10 pantheons were completely exhausted, and while weak, they got dethroned by those who were just waiting for the right opportunity.
About the “fated” one the turtle is looking for…
This fated one is ever-changing.
That’s why there is an entire civilisation resting upon its shell.
They are all old “fated” ones.
But as the turtle’s knowledge and age increases, so does the number of fated ones.
“A new fated one was born.”
“Another one has a connection with me.”
“Someone else needs my guidance.”
“You can’t follow me on my path to the great knowledge anymore, so I am looking for a new partner.”
“I’ve yet to find someone who can accompany me forever.”
And many more reasons were given by “The One Who Seeks”, as to why it’s always looking for a fated one.
The entity’s search is never ending.
And during its travels, it’s constantly accumulating knowledge from multiple universes, and even realities, thus its requirements get stricter and stricter.
For one day it looks for someone knowledgeable, the other for someone wise, while the next day, it is searching for someone with an out-of-the-box thinking.
Day after day, year after year, and universe after universe, the criteria “The One Who Seeks” uses to define “the fated one” changes, thus there will be an infinite numbers of fated ones.
It is truly a voluntary and conscious choice of the entity.
After all, it found his purpose in life, “to seek”.
And it enjoys wandering, and seeking.
Why would he ever want to finish and accomplish this goal of theirs?
In this way, it can enjoy it forever, without worrying about its next goals…
Thus, the search that never ends came into being, becoming one of the most interesting, and widespread legends of the multiverse.

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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