Stones of Ages yet to Pass

It was a normal day, just like any other.
I was out stargazing.
It’s one of the perks living in a rather rural area.
The sky is free, unaffected by smog or the strong city lights.
So, the stars and their beautiful lights can reach us properly.
And on this day, it happened.
While stargazing, I usually lose myself in the sea of stars.
Hours can pass, the weather can worsen, someone can approach me, and it would take me some time to react.
So, no wonder than when “it” happened, I almost died.
Two, perfectly flat and chiselled stones fell from the sky.
They were roughly the size of my head, so it would’ve totally been a dangerous experience had they fallen on me.
In appearance, as I said, perfectly flat, chiselled stones, of a royal blue colour twinkling with silvery spots.
These silvery spots were…moving.
I packed the two stones in my backpack, and quickly left.
My mood was ruined by the near-death experience, so there was no point in remaining.
Going home, I was welcomed by my two dogs and flock of geese.
Living on a farm is quite wonderful.
My wife was on an errand, as she was the vet of this little area filled with a dozen or so farms.
The town wasn’t that far away, so it wouldn’t be a hassle to go there either, thus we considered this place a peaceful and relaxing paradise.
After feeding the dogs, and locking the geese, I had finally time to check out the stones properly.
The stones felt cool to the touch.
Not just to the touch but they also eased my nerves, and I swear, my forever aching back, stopped aching.
Marvelled by the discovery, I kept “researching” the rocks.
Put them under light, hit them with a hammer (didn’t work) and lastly, when the changes began: put them in the bathtub filled with water.
When the rocks were put in water, they started glowing.
A hazy mist gathered in the bathroom, while the water started to shine as well.
Soon, images appeared on the water’s surface.
It showed…it showed my wife on the road.
She was almost home.
I quickly ran down to the front door.
And indeed, five minutes later, I heard the car pull up.
I shouted as I surprised my wife.
She got scared a bit, but chuckled.
“How did you know I was coming?”
She asked.
“Come upstairs, I will show you.”
I said.
We went to the bathroom, where the stones were.
“Oh, so you saw me from the windo…”
She wanted to say, but she was left speechless by the scene in front of us.
The bathroom was a hazy mist filled room, and the water in the bathtub shone brightly due to the stones.
Now, the scenes that they showed changed.
It was another day, my wife and I jumping around happily.
In my wife’s hand we could see…a positive pregnancy test.
“Is this…Is this true?”
My wife asked.
“We will go next morning to the pharmacy and check it out.”
I said.
We had dinner, and went to sleep, but we barely could close our eyes.
In the morning, everything we saw, became true.
We were going to have a baby.
We were so happy, but soon the joy faded.
“What about the stones? They can…they can show the future.”
My wife said.
“Put them in a bucket or tub of water in the basement. And we will use it for life-changing events.”
I said.
“Like natural calamities, crops failures, predators attacking our geese and what happens to our family, right?”
My wife asked smiling.
“Right. We won’t use it for anything else.”
I said.
“Not even winning some projects or winning the lottery?”
She asked.
“No, only if we end up in dire straits, otherwise it will corrupt us…
You know, we left the capital to live a free life, would be bad to be bound to money and fame once more, right?”
I said.
“Right, now let’s call our parents, they will be happy to hear the news.”
She said.
“They will be grandparents!”
I said, hugging her and laughing.
The stones became “heirlooms”, and our family prospered.
Sometimes the stones went so far in the future, that we watched the scenes like we were watching sci-fi movies.
But we never abused this “blessing”, because we were afraid, after all who knows how the universe would counterbalance our interference.

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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