Dinner with the devil

I was waiting in a fancy restaurant for my “date”.
The tables around me were occupied mostly by couples.
I sighed.
This atmosphere and the timing…it would be perfect for a romantic dinner.
But here I am, waiting to have dinner with the…with the devil.
You read that right, “the devil.”
You know, “evil incarnate”, “temptation personified”, “red and pointy black horns”, the whole package.
Or so I think, as I haven’t met her yet.
My parents sold my soul, to heal me? (I guess it was worth it.)
I am 21 and perfectly healthy, but it feels a bit weird to hear:
“Son, your soul was given to this lady who called herself the “devil”, so you have to go on a date with her to see what she wants”.
Imagine it said in this cheerful, fatherly voice, accompanied with countless winks.
I got the message “she” must be quite the “woman”.
Still, it’s weird and hard to believe my parents, but it would explain my health and endurance.
Also, I love my parents, even if it’s just a normal blind date, I would certainly accommodate them.
And, I didn’t have to wait long until she appeared.
The moment she entered the restaurant I knew it was her.
She was tall, pale with long rich ruby red hair.
Wearing a wonderful black night dress, she looked mesmerising.
I sighed, smiled and stood up.
She smiled back at me.
Inviting her to sit down, I helped her with the chair.
Her dress was almost too long, so it would’ve been awkward to have her pull out the chair and everything.
“Alex, finally we meet.”
She said, with a sweet, melodious voice.
“Indeed we meet. But, who are you exactly?
I said, although I knew now that what my parents told was true.
There’s no way that a human can be so…otherworldly.
Her spring green eyes were too lively and her smile was too enchanting…
If I wasn’t as stubborn as a mule not to fall for appearances, I would’ve drooled at this point.
“Well, recently I’ve been in this mood, so you can call me Samantha.”
She said.
“So, you are the devil, right? My parents at least claim so.”
I said.
“Am I the Devil? Hmm, not really.
I am A devil but not THE devil.
I am the daughter of the one you’ve heard so much about.”
She said.
“I see.”
I nodded.
Raising slightly my hand, I looked for a waiter, and waited until they saw me.
Not long after, we’ve made our orders.
“So, while waiting, tell me something about yourself.”
Samantha said with a smile.
“I am an accountant in my early 20’s.
I love reading anything, but mostly fantasy.
And recently I’ve come to know that my soul is not mine.
How about you, what can you tell me about yourself?”
I said, smirking.
“Well, I just started to learn the ropes of making deals, and tempting humans.
You are one of the first few thousand souls I’ve got my hands on.
It’s going quite well.”
She said, giggling.
“Oh, so you go on dinner dates with everyone who owes you their soul?”
I asked.
“Jealous much?”
She asked, smiling impishly.
I just rolled my eyes.
“The answer is: No.
Not everyone deserves attention from me, but you do.”
She said.
“So, why am I so special, that even Lucifer’s daughter is here to see me?”
I asked.
“You are normal but at the same time not.”
Samantha mused.
“Oh thanks, so I am not a normal person, nor a weirdo.
I am an outcast amongst outcasts.”
I said, sighing and throwing my hands around.
“Exactly this behaviour makes you sooo interesting.
You don’t mind being weird, you don’t mind being normal.
You are simply you…and that is really hard to be found in humans.”
She said.
“I beg to differ.
Everyone is themselves, they just suit their behaviour to different scenarios.”
I said, shrugging.
“And you go on to defend those you don’t even know.”
She said, giggling.
“I don’t really care about them, but I do am against generalising humanity’s behaviour.”
I said.
She wanted to say something, but our food came.
The food was delicious, and both of us ate with great passion, so the table was quiet for roughly half an hour.
After the plates were taken away, and the bill paid, we went to walk in a nearby park.
The park was quiet, but it had a sagely harmonious vibe.
It was small, with a few trees that were older than 10 years old, and a small lake in the centre.
But it was peaceful.
Being dimly lit, the starry sky was more or less visible, adding to the “close to the nature” atmosphere.
“As I was saying, you are special, because you aren’t special and you know it.
You hate stereotypes so much, that the moment you start thinking in line with stereotypes you simply stop.
And you start to deconstruct the stereotype to see if it’s okay or not to continue thinking in that way.
Of course, in certain situations, as sometimes they are good, sometimes they are bad…stereotypes that is.”
Samantha said, humming a nice melody.
“There are plenty like me.”
I answered, before giving my coat to her.
It was getting rather chilly.
“You know I am a devil, and you offer me your coat.
And yet, you believe you are just like the rest of them.”
She said, giggling.
I just shook my head.
Skipping, and jumping in front of me, she kissed me.
“This was a pleasant evening, we will have to repeat it.
Samantha said, smiling and waving, before slowly disappearing.
I think it was already quite cold, as her cheeks were quite red.
Sighing, I took my coat from the ground, and wore it.
Massaging my cheeks, I shook my head.
“Stop grinning you fool!”
I told to myself, and left.

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Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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