It’s hard to be a superhero

“Amethyst Sorceress saved the capital city this morning from a group of super-villains …”
The news anchor reported enthusiastically.
I was eating my cereals, and rolled my eyes.
“She arrived at last moment, just to make more of an impact…Typical Lily”
I murmured.
How did I know her real name?
Well, I am a superhero myself, and I know her, but damn it’s annoying.
My superpower is nothing too fancy, “transmutation”.
I can transform whatever I touch or see into a different material.
I usually help during huge battles, natural calamities or constructions/reconstructions.
But goddamn it’s annoying to be a superhero.
People are judging you so randomly.
“Oh, you helped build an entire neighborhood in one day? Meh, Dark Priest just killed an Alien Dragon.”
Random Passer-by 1 said.
“oh, the entire city was destroyed, but you remodeled the debris into new buildings? Working non-stop for an entire week? Nah, Flame Lord just burnt an asteroid to crisps, that’s much cooler!”
Random Individual said.
But my powers are much more intricate than that.
Once I transformed an alien spaceship into a teddy-bear with a timer.
Ol’ military dudes and ladies took it to a secret base, and only there did it transform, perfectly back into a spaceship.
It is much easier to do such things in secrecy like this, no?
But people still think that my powers are meh.
Well, I am contracted with the entire planet to help any country when it comes to destructions caused by superpowered or alien sources, so I can’t complain.
I actually have a salary, while most superheroes that are famous are living off the help of the country they live in.
But it’s not easy to be a superhero like me.
Countless villains are after you, trying to enslave you or worse kill you.
Countless countries try to find your secret identity so they can blackmail or take advantage of you.
Countless other superheroes are annoying you, just because they have flashier and more combat orientated powers.
And I am there during big fights as well, as someone needs to keep the environmental damage to minimum, right?
So, I put my life in danger daily as well.
And most importantly: internet trolls try to discredit your very existence if they don’t like you.
Being recognized by the people you help, save and ease their lives is not an easy feat, when your powers aren’t so easy to advertise (a.k.a when your powers aren’t flashy enough).
As I was so lost in thoughts, my phone rang.
I answered the phone.
“An entire mountainous range disappeared during an experiment of ours, we brought enough materials for transmutations, so come and remake the mountain range.”
The voice of an aloof lady came through.
Sighing, I stood up, and went to the mirror.
Transmutating my face into a different one, I answered the voice.
“Send me the coordinates, be there in a jiffy”
Leaving my house, I made my shoes defy gravity and started slowly flying.
Transmutation can alter the very nature of things, but hey, it’s not as flashy as laser beams, so I am unnoticed.
Which is both good and bad.
I left for the secret location, to do another enormous job, for a good amount of payment.
I will have to work for days probably, but at least, I restore nature, that must be a good point in someone’s book, right?

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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