The impossibly convenient shipwreck

“What the…”
I groaned as I tried to stand up.
The world was shaky and fuzzy for a while, before brightening.
An unbearable headache and overall pain hit me, along with chills.
Opening my eyes, I saw myself surrounded by pure-white sand.
In front of me was an endless stretch of water while behind me was an endless sea of trees.
The “beach” I was on was situated on, was littered with bags, suitcases and chunks of metal and plastic.
I remember now…
I’ve been on a ship that got hit by something, and it sunk.
“Heh, at least I am alive.”
I said, tearing down the clothes that were so wet, muddy, and bloody that they stuck to my body.
I’ve run quickly to several bags, and suitcases, from where I got myself some relatively whole, and dry clothing.
But I didn’t wear them immediately, as prior to that, I needed to tear some of the clothes and use them as bandages, as I had several wounds that were bleeding.
I cleaned the wounds with some alcohol I found in the sand.
Why was I so “calm” about this whole ordeal?
Simply because I’ve grown up with a controllable paranoia, thus I simulated and prepared for countless situations.
This unfortunate scenario was one of them.
Looking at the lush forest behind me, I sighed.
“A forest setting, huh? So bugs, animals, poisonous herbs and many more unforeseen dangers are up ahead…quite the worst case scenario to encounter on an uninhabited island.”
I murmured.
How did I know that it’s an uninhabited island?
We are quite far away from continents, and this island shouldn’t even be here at least according to maps, so I am pretty sure it’s uninhabited.
At least, it should be uninhabited by people who might speak English.
Now, don’t think it’s all bad things that I’ve ended up with a huge forest as my new “home”.
The trees are humongous, and I can carve them out to have a temporary shelter, before actually building a proper wooden cabin/house, we shall see.
Also, I might have an easier time to find: fruits, healing herbs and prey.
But I might become prey as well to bears, big felines or wolves, so it’s quite a double edged sword.
Especially since, if there are any aboriginals around here, under the cover of these towering trees, they could fell me in one move.
Rummaging between the stuff washed ashore, I found several useful items.
Finding some knives, alcohol, completely dry clothes, some protein bars, oil, four lighters, a flare gun and most importantly: a first-aid kit.
With the knives, and a relatively old and big tree, I carved myself a shelter for the night.
Stuffing the artificial hollow with leaves, I barricaded the entrance with the suitcases and went to sleep.
In the morning, I went fishing with a stick+knife self-made “spear”.
Roasting the fishes over a fire, they’ve been delicious.
Today, I will explore the forest, at least the outer parts of it.
Wearing some heavy clothing, I entered the forest.
I wasn’t worried about finding water, as the forest was lush and healthy looking, so I rather protected myself from bugs, and possible poisonous herbs, than save water.
And right I was.
A water source was not even a kilometer away from my “landing” zone.
And the forest had wild berries, nuts, and even some non-dangerous mushrooms. (learnt how they look, in order to be prepared for cases like this.)
This won’t be that bad.
Afterwards, I started building myself a cabin in an opening, close to the beach.
It didn’t take me long to get accustomed to this life.
I had food, I even found some wild boars, deer, although I didn’t chase too deep into the forest, as if these animals are here, chances are that wolves or other predators might be lurking somewhere.
With the wild boars, deer, fish and the fruits I found, I don’t have to worry about food.
This was quite a fortunate unfortunate scenario.
And who knows, maybe soon someone will come to find us.
Why did I say “us”?
Because I am certain there are other survivors, and in a week, I will begin to search for them…

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Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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