Meeting with a protagonist

It was late at night.
A thunderous storm trashed and raged outside.
Trees were uprooted by the savage wind, while the drops of rain were like a storm of bullets.
This nigh-apocalyptic weather didn’t bother me.
I was sitting in front of my desk, listening to the symphony of destruction created by the storm.
It was giving me inspiration.
Writing a highly convoluted war scene, this kind of weather actually enlightened me.
But then…I stopped.
“How should I write this?”
I murmured to myself.
A lightning bolt hit somewhere on my street, the loud noise was like a stroke of genius for me.
“I got it. The hero shall sacrifice himself for the Empress, barely avoiding death on the battlefield.
The Empress enraged, wrecked-havoc, and won the battle.”
I murmured.
While I was writing, and pondering, the lights in my room started to flicker.
They were flickering in a certain rhythm, almost like a steady, strong heartbeat.
“Well, if the electricity goes down, I can still write in my notebook.”
I said, ignoring the weirdness of it.
Not long after that, the intensity of the flickering increased, while a buzzing sound, like the static of the old TVs started to resound in my room.
I sighed, and massaged my temples, thinking I was exhausted and started to hallucinate.
It wouldn’t be the first time.
Then, accompanied by a blinding lightning strike that hit somewhere in front of my house, my entire room was flooded with a white light.
When I opened my eyes, a tall, red-headed young lady stood in front of me.
She was lean, perfect looking and wearing amethyst purple armor, designed personally for her.
With a warhammer strapped to her back, she towered over me with a natural indifference being exuded by her golden eyes.
“Are you my creator?”
She asked in a melodious but cold, aloof voice.
“Yep, now out of the way, I was at a good part.”
I said, trying to push her out of the way, so I can get back to writing.
Alas, she was just exactly as I described her, a pillar supporting the heavens, thus she didn’t budge.
She asked.
“What now?”
I retorted.
“Why did you create me?”
She asked.
“My story needed a protagonist, and thus you were born.”
I said.
“That’s it? My struggles, woes, joys and entire life, were something you’ve written at a whim?”
She asked solemnly.
Just by staring at me, the space around us crackled, but I was not affected.
Most likely I was somewhat immune, as I created her.
“At a whim?! At a whim?! Do you know the hours, days, weeks and months I’ve spent to create you?!
I’ve spent my life reading, and finally I created a carefree, neutral heroine that could do whatever she wants!
And what about your struggles?
It was simply life!
Your life just flowed on paper by itself, the stories have their own life!
You being here is the greatest proof!
I might’ve created you, but the story evolved by itself!”
I shouted.
She really demeans my work process.
At a whim…hmph.
“You wrote the story, you created me, yet you say that it had nothing to do with you?”
She asked, with a silent anger brewing.
“When did I say that?
But from time to time, after I started writing, the words just flowed out of me.
 I didn’t really need to think.
Everything that I wrote just seemed right.”
I said.
“I’ve broken the limits, and here I am, yet you can’t even apologize for your deeds…
Such a shame.”
She said, smirking, changing her “attacking” method.
“Lilith, did you enjoy your life?”
I asked.
I named her Lilith, as she was the primogenitor for the greatest empire so it suited her.
“Yes, but the pain I felt was…”
She started saying.
“You enjoyed it, that’s good.
The readers also loved your life, and empathized with you.”
I said.
“But it was all fake!”
She said, tearing up.
“For you and me it was and it is real.
Just look at the facts, you are here arguing with me.
You have emotions, feelings, I don’t think someone “fake” could have them.”
I said.
She didn’t say anything, but simply disappeared.
I went back to writing.
“I know she lost her lover, but damn she loses her rationale when some events are brought up.
Maybe I wrote it a tad bit too “heavily”.
*sigh* It’s true what they say, love makes one blind.”
I murmured, continuing writing.
But not before thinking about ways to repair and change Lilith’s backstory in the sequel.

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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