Myriad Worlds Mirror

Mirrors are said to be sometimes gateways to a different world.
Mirrors are found everywhere on Earth.
I also have a mirror in my bathroom.
But why is my mirror so out of the ordinary?
It’s so annoying to have such a mirror.
Okay, okay, at first I was happy.
Hearing the stories of supernatural occurrences, I always yearned for something interesting like that to happen to me as well.
So, imagine my joy when one morning instead of seeing my boring face in the mirror, I saw a lush forest.
The trees were tall and domineering, with bright spring green leaves and a healthy brownish bark.
Flowers of unfathomable beauty filled the gaps between the trees, and the sunlight that flooded the scenery was warm.
Even through the mirror I could feel both the sunlight, and the fresh air’s fragrance.
I was so happy, I even tried to go into the mirror, but I couldn’t…
Only my hands could go through it, and I actually grabbed a leaf.
The leaf purified the air in my house, and made my life easier.
That was the first and last time I could truly enjoy the fantasy nature of the mirror…
Ever since, once a week, a new world or scenery is shown in the mirror.
And it is amazingly annoying, and bothersome…
The second time, it was a raging volcano in the background, with a bustling city close to the mirror.
A little cat-eared lady looked into the mirror and saw me.
With a look full of pity, she gave me a fruit and left.
After holding the fruit, I ate it… (I was forced by something to eat it, couldn’t resist it.)
After eating it, I sweat black goo, and became taller.
For a reason or another, I knew that my lifespan increased to 1000 years.
I was really happy, and a bit ashamed, due to the heavy pity the lady showed.
But it was worth it, since now, I was healthier.
Then the scenery in the mirror changed.
It was an endless plain, where an aloof middle-aged man threw some water on me, while sighing.
The water made me immortal, not-aging a day ever since, while being immune to diseases and poisons (tried some poisons, and also tried getting an indigestion, didn’t work).
Then the scenery changed once more.
Now it was a monstrous mountainous range.
There a towering ape, looking at me with a gaze full of worry, gave me a cup of wine.
My body was filled with heat and energy, and with one step I cracked my entire house.
I had enough strength to lift a house, if not more.
Next, it was a beautiful ocean view, from where, a dragon spew a plate at me.
This plate integrated with my house, and the house became self-cleaning, and nigh-indestructible.
And this routine continued, over and over and over again.
I’ve seen a myriad worlds and I’ve been blessed with the pity of countless outstanding figures.
It’s annoying, and bothersome.
The world slowly changed, and multiple powers, superpowers and even realities appeared to connect with us.
And here I am, most likely buffed by countless powers weekly, yet I am showered in pity.
Once I even got a letter with a breathing technique.
It was signed: “For the pitiful human-like baby.”
Baby! Me, a completely functional adult, was called a baby!
Imagine the damage it dealt me, especially since I already had plenty of enhancements done to my “powers”.
The mirror is a blessing, but it crushes my confidence daily.
I named it the “Myriad World Mirror”, since it shows me the myriad worlds of the multiverse, but in my heart I call it “confidence crusher”.
The world is a chaotic place, and battles started to break out.
But my house, garden and I remain the same.
And will remain the same.
While I don’t know how strong I am, for a while, I am confident nobody will mess with me.
Sigh, I wonder what kind of events will unfold in the future…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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