Interchangeable emotions

Amusement parks are one of the places that are built to create a harmonious and entertaining environment.
Built for entertainment purposes, these amusement parks goal is to make people relax, and forget about their daily struggles.
Through research and trial, amusements parks have developed countless ways to ensure that the visitors are drawn in, and that they are to enjoy, relax and forget even for just a short period of time, about their daily lives.
This entertainment is taken to the extreme, with countless attractions, games, events blotting the entire schedule, and surface of the park.
Emotions flow freely in such parks.
Emotions filled, with happiness, joy, carefreeness, unfettered, and relief, are flooding the parks.
But what happens when these emotions get so strong that they stay?
They start to influence people, and make the park even more enjoyable, which is a good thing.
But how about the moment when the parks start to wither down?
What happens to these emotions?
What happens to the emotions that are filled with desire to influence, yet they have no outlet to vent?
What happens to these emotions that are at the extreme of a spectrum, and slowly start to overspill?
Not just overspill, but also destabilize, as they have no way to recharge or to recalibrate themselves.
These emotions change.
And the change is for the worst.
Happiness becomes sadness.
Joy becomes dissatisfaction.
Carefreeness and unfettered emotions become extreme anxiety and stress.
Relief becomes burden.
All these combined, and even more, and smaller emotions that changed, become one very popular phenomenon.
They become “horrors”.
These parks go from being “amusement” parks to “haunted” parks.
The emotions birthed creatures with their transformations.
These creatures are the embodiments of the new nature of the olden emotions.
With the sole purpose to terrorize those who dare enter these haunted locations, the creatures use the park to create an atmosphere of utmost unease.
Now, the parks function exactly the opposite way compared to their original purpose.
They spread terrors and horrors unfathomable by normal means.
Those that visit these places are often seen going missing.
And sometimes, they just run away after barely entering the parks.
The positive emotions overflowed, destabilized and became negative emotions.
It’s the perfect exemplification of the two extremes.
 The two are just different sides of the same coin.

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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