Is it worth the price?

The Endless Empire.
It is named as such not only due to its massive surface but also due to its potential.
Its royalty was strong.
They were ridiculously strong, immortals at birth and Immortal Emperors at adulthood.
But they were…peculiar.
They raised their citizens with all their might.
The talented one’s sprouted from the commoners like mushrooms after rain.
With villagers, peasant, beggars having food and some form of shelter, everyone was indebted to the Empire.
Thus, even after achieving an ascendance from mortal to immortal in one step, everyone remembered the help the Empire gave.
Thus, the experts, and helpers of the Endless Empire were the most numerous out of all the infinite universes.
The royal princes were akin to priceless treasures as well.
Each endowed with peak aptitudes, and talents unseen amongst the normal populace, the princes were top-tier entities in the Empire, and even in the entire multi-verse as well.
Yet, now, a princess sits in front of me.
“Reincarnate me to another world.”
She begged.
I asked, playing with some Hell-Cats I raised.
“I am bored…”
She answered, gaze fixed on her toes.
“Ok, where do you want to be reincarnated? As what? As who? “
I asked.
“Y-y-y-you won’t ask me why?”
She stuttered.
“No. Boredom is the greatest reason for those with silver and golden spoons to ask for reincarnation without strings attached.
So, what do you want to be, and who do you want to be?”
I asked.
“Can you really make it so that they can’t find me?”
She asked.
“Would you be there if I couldn’t do it?”
I retorted.
She blushed.
“I…I want to be a high-elf…druid aptitude would be welcome…
I want to live happily in a forest, with a lot of animals to take care of…”
She murmured.
“Hmm. Quite a common choice for you all nobles who are actually nice.”
I said, taking out a huge binder.
“A-a-are there many like me?”
She asked.
“Yes and no.”
I said.
“How come?”
She asked.
“There are many that come. Princes, Princesses, Dukes, Marquises, Barons, Merchants, Sect Leaders, Church Leaders, Deities, Demons, Lost one and many more.
But few ever go through with the transaction.”
I said.
At this, she paled a bit.
While she was quiet, I found the perfect world for her.
“Little princess, listen here.
 This is my offer to you: young moon-high elf female baby.
You would be born to the High Huntress’s family.
Your mother, the current High-Huntress and your father an elite elven blacksmith youth.
Your body would have completely opened meridians system, with a rare mutated wooden moonlight body constitution.
You would be trained as a priestess and a druid, and at your adulthood ceremony when you become 1500 years old, you could choose to become a full-fledged priestess or druid.
The planet you would be born on would be completely covered in forests and oceans, elven race would be its ruler.
The universe it would be in is a new born one, surrounded by still-infant universes, thus being in no danger, and holding serious advantage in that quadrant.
Do you want this life?”
I asked.
“H-h-h-h-how much would it be?”
She asked.
“Hmm, what should I ask of thee.”
I said.
“M-m-my first born? My soul? M-m-m-my purity?”
She asked, while stuttering and blushing extremely.
I burst out laughing.
“Oh my… You think I am some devil or demon of some sorts?”
I asked, chuckling.
She blushed even more, and turned her head away.
“Oh little princess…You are over 10000 years old, yet so childish.
I want nothing of that.
I just want a single promise from you.
Promise me that regardless what creature you meet, find or are given to, you will do your utmost to heal, train and help it, as long as it’s in your forest.
This, per your duty as a druid, shouldn’t be much.”
I said.
At this, the little princess beamed.
But soon, her smile became a frown.
She was childish, but not inexperienced.
She knew that my wish, can cause her a lot of trouble.
After hours, she finally spoke.
“I promise.”
She said, solemnly.
I nodded, smiling.
“Come, let me take you to the room of reincarnation.
And don’t be so tense, it’s not sure that you will get into trouble due to this promise.”
I said, leading her deeper into the cave systems.
Soon, she was reincarnated, her body, fate and existence being erased completely from our universe.
Well, more or less, some existences at the same level as I was at, could still remember her.
Later on, she indeed got in multiple troubling situations, due to the promise she made to me.
But at the same time, she garnered a righteous reputation, and all forest dwellers, and justice lovers started to support her.

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Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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