Through the Phone

I was reading a book when my phone rang.
It was Sophia, my best-friend and cousin.
“Heeeeellllooooo little deer, what are you doing?”
She asked.
“It’s 9 in the evening, you know very well what I am doing. Also, I told you not to call me like that.”
I said.
“Preparing to go to sleep…Sooo boooring!”
She said.
“So, you called me just to annoy me or you have something to tell me?”
I asked.
“Oh, don’t be like that! I want to talk with you, can’t I?”
Sophia whined.
I sighed.
“You know you can…So, what’s up?”
I asked.
“Nothing much happening, I am in my room, trying to find a good movie.”
Sophia said.
“Go play board games with your parents. They still play every night, right?”
I said.
“But they flirt too much! It’s sickening! It’s….”
Sophia was interrupted by a loud booming sound.
“Sophia! What happened?”
I asked.
“I-I don’t know…I am locking my door!”
She said, stutteringly.
“Put your desk in front of the door as well. Go into your bathroom and lock that door as well. I am calling the cops!”
I said.
“No! Don’t end the call! I…I don’t want to be alone!”
She said.
“Dummy! I am calling them online, not on my phone. There, I called them. They said they will be sending a car to your address.”
I said, but there was no response.
“Sophia! Sophia!
I shouted, but only static came through the phone.
I waited, and I heard something.
Heavy footsteps, and deep sounds came through.
Just like a heartbeat…but amplified a million times.
I paled, and ended the call…
The police arrived a few minutes later to Sophia’s house, and they contacted me an hour later.
The front door was smashed, but that was it.
Nothing was missing.
TV, laptops, tablets, phones, money was all there.
But that wasn’t the most peculiar thing.
Sophia’s room was completely closed.
They had to climb through the window to enter her room.
The bathroom was closed as well, so they broke in, and there they found a phone in the bathtub.
But that was it.
Sophia, and her parents disappeared.
I took a week off from school.
It was too much for me.
Whenever I closed my eyes I could hear the loud heartbeats…like…like it was a heart in my hands…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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