The hitchhiker

I was driving on a long and lonesome road.
Passing by a nice car, I frowned.
“That car looks brand new, and way too clean… It must’ve stopped not too long ago.”
I thought to myself.
Sure enough, after a short ten or so minutes long drive, I see a figure slowly walking at the side of the road.
It was a young man, maybe 20, 21 years old?
He was not tall, not short, and wearing a black tracksuit, he looked completely average.
Stopping near him, I pulled down the window.
“Hop in, there is no gas station for another 30km, and the nearest city is at least 50km away.”
I said to the kid.
I knew this road, as I had to travel it daily due to my work.
Thus I knew very well just how many cars pass here.
If I don’t help this kid, he would most likely need to walk those km all on his own…which is quite exhausting.
The kid looked at me with such a confused look that just made me laugh.
“Come on kid, first time being a hitchhiker? Don’t worry, you are skin and bones, I won’t eat you!”
I joked.
The kid seemed to process what I said, because not long after that he smiled, and entered my car.
“Thank you.”
He said in a rather hoarse voice.
“There is a bottle of water in the cupboard, drink.
Your voice is hoarse, you must be parched.”
I said, starting the car, and driving away.
The kid took out the bottle and drank it, but not before struggling for 5 entire minutes to open it.
I just chuckled.
After drinking the water, the kid was obviously in a better shape.
“So, what happened? Was that brand new car, broken down a bit further away from where I found you, yours?”
I asked.
“Yes. I came to visit, but my vehicle stopped midway, and I ended up in these primitive parts. The vehicle is recharging now, so I am waiting.”
The boy said.
I laughed.
“So you came to visit my town! I can show you the best restaurants kid, but first we will need to get someone bring your car to the town.
Electric cars are rare treasures for some thieves around these parts.”
I said.
“You don’t want it?”
The boy suddenly asked.
“Ah? Why would I want it?”
I said.
“It’s expensive. And I am all alone, you could’ve taken it.”
The boy said.
“You watched too many movies kid. Why would I do that? I would get down with a guilt trip and paranoia for the rest of my life.”
I said.
“You are a good man.”
The boy said.
“I have a kid, roughly your age. He’s out, studying abroad. When I saw you, I remembered him…Felt this need to help you.”
I said, sighing.
“I’ve been told, only barbarians are around here. Killing and wasting resources are all they know, but you aren’t that bad.”
The boy said.
“You speak some weird things boy.
While there are plenty of bad eggs out there…There are many good people as well.
Some are fence-sitters true enough, but I tend to believe that most people would help when it’s needed.
Call me an old fool and dreamer, but I believe there is good out there.”
I said, shaking my head.
“I see that.”
The boy said.
Getting closer to the town, the discussion died down.
Trying to reignite it, I started asking random questions from the boy.
He answered them neatly, but almost like reading from a textbook.
Just before entering the town, the boy suddenly sighed.
“I have to leave, my vehicle finally recharged.
This place isn’t that bad, I might talk with someone to initiate cooperation.
Goodbye “old dreamer”.
Saying this, the boy simply disappeared from the car.
I panicked, and veered off from the road.
Getting out of the car, I started to look around.
After a minute or so, a red light flashed by in the sky.
It looked like the boy’s car…
I shook my head, got in my car and drove home.
After a good dinner with my wife, I went to sleep, trying to forget what happened.
“the kid was an alien…and he might come back…quite a hitchhiker I got for myself.”
Was my last thought before falling asleep…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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