Dangerous fun

“You want to do something fun?”
Alex asked me, with a dangerous smirk on his face, slightly panting from running up to my apartment.
I should’ve known better.
He was always a trouble maker.
Always finding ways to find excitement, even in the most mundane and boring circumstances.
But what can I do?
He’s my best friend.
And he has saved my ass from trouble just as many times, as he dragged me into it.
Looking at my best friend I sighed, and nodded.
“Where do we have to go?”
I asked him.
“To the park! I saw injustice happening!”
He said righteously, before storming off.
I sighed.
“So another brawl with some gangsters or delinquents…”
I murmured, before taking my coat and running after him.
It was rather late, dusk getting closer and closer.
This was the usual time, for the shady or those seeking “fun” to act.
Not long after Alex left, I also arrived at the park.
He was already shouting and arguing with a dozen or so young adults, as I would call them.
I sighed, and entered the park.
Seeing me, the group just smirked, but Alex looked back and beamed.
“Matt! You arrived, these individuals were coercing some poor kids to give them money! How immo…”
Alex wanted to say “immoral”, but he was tackled by a youth.
Sighing, I dialed 911, quickly said the address and what’s happening.
“You already calling the cops on us?
We will beat you until an inch from death!”
One of the young ones shouted.
“It’s not for us, but for you.”
I said, shrugging, and entering the fray.
10 minutes later, we were full of bruises, broken lips.
Alex was laughing triumphantly.
“Hah! Evildoers never win!”
He shouted before strutting out of the park.
I sighed and looked at the dozen or so boys laying on the ground.
“You had knives, and some illegal stuff on you…You did this to yourself…”
I mumbled, trying to ease my nerves, before following Alex.
Behind us, the sirens were blasting…the cops arrived.
But that wasn’t our business anymore.
We went back to my apartment, and ordered a pizza for dinner.
“Alex, must your hero-syndrome act up so often?”
I asked.
“Let me have fun…You know my father, one day I will just be glued to an office chair…”
Alex said, shrugging.
“Fun is alright…but must it be so dangerous?”
I complained, before turning on my console, and sitting down to play some games with him.

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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