As a blade

Cultivation sects are considered the cradle of geniuses.
The sects gather the talented ones, and offer them a proper environment to develop.
They offer a myriad of cultivation techniques, resources, missions and training grounds that fasten one’s strength’s development.
The relationships between the sect members are usually depicted as being rather warm.
There are master-disciple, elder-disciples relationships, with the older generation raising up the younger one, and helping them.
There might be some conflicts between the different factions of the sect, but overall, if the sect isn’t too close to its demise, the sect members have a sense of belonging and take care of each other.
But these strong emotions exist mostly in novels.
In real life, if one in a hundred disciples actually would give their life for the sect is an optimist ratio.
One would say that they are ungrateful scoundrels.
How can they not care about the sect that spent so many hours, resources and care on them?
Most disciples would simply snort, shrug, and roll their eyes.
“Ask those core members of the sect, why are they so willing to raise the disciples that are average?”
They would say.
The answer is rather…disheartening.
The disciples that aren’t talented enough or don’t have a strong enough backing, are simply raised as blades.
As a blade, a normal disciple needs to fight, to work, to sweat and bleed for the sect.
It might be cruel, but resources are not infinite.
Sects can’t afford to raise everyone to the peak.
While it’s true that one needs: talent, guidance, resources and luck(fate) to become a true expert, as you can see, three out of 4 can be found in a sect.
That’s why the sect can use as many disciples as it wants as a blade.
After all, there is no shortage of replacements.
But it’s not all bad to be used as a blade.
A blade needs to be of a certain quality to be useful.
The stronger the sect, the stronger the blade needs to be.
Thus even those of average or below average talent will flock to famous sects.
After all, they all know they are being used, but they still get paid, recognized as members and most importantly: taught and trained, even if not in the best techniques that the sect has.
Being used as a blade is both a blessing and a curse.
Those used as blades are needed just those who will shoulder the sect’s ultimate fate.
Those used as blades while not being groomed as carefully as those truly talented, are still cared for, and are still needed.
But being needed is not always good.
The average disciples are the ones who die the most.
They are the ones to fall first.
They are the ones to be targeted first.
Living as a blade, one needs to be sharp, maybe one day, they will be sharp enough to cut the hand that’s handling them.

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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