Unforeseen Scenario

“Don’t…Don’t do it!”
A man shouted, with a trembling voice.
In front of him stood a young man with a grin on his face.
“You should’ve just given me the money, old man.”
The young man said.
The man shook, and closed his eyes, awaiting the end.
But it never came.
Opening his eyes, the young man was nowhere to be seen.
His helpers disappeared as well.
The man sighed in relief.
“They must’ve seen the cops or something…”
He murmured, before standing up, dusting off his clothes, and leaving.
Going home he was happy and grateful.
He survived a sure-death scenario.
But even so, something was off.
While being a rather good accountant, he lived with his family in a more or less questionable neighbourhood.
But now, said neighbourhood was…quiet.
The children weren’t playing and running around, but looking around baffled.
No teenagers gathering around and listening loudly to music.
No shady individuals smiling widely at the man, as he was used to.
He shrugged it off, and went to his house.
Going home, he found his wife almost glued to the TV.
There, the News were playing, with an important announcement.
The headline read:
“All those with certain criminal records disappeared in thin air…”
Looking at his wife, the man sighed.
“Did your father also…”
The man started saying with pity, while going up to hug her.
“Yes…He disappeared from the kitchen…”
His wife said, sobbing slightly.
“He was reformed…and he did that, 10 years ago in self-defence…”
The man said.
His wife just buried her face into his chest.
The world was shaken by this peculiar phenomena.
With millions of lives disappearing, the world was burdened.
Sorrow and grief overtook the lands, as many who changed, who already paid their debts for their misdoings also disappeared.
Many of those who disappeared were valued parents, brothers, relatives or simply employees.
The world was in chaos, and it took a long time to calm the masses.
The world started to investigate the disappearance, but nothing came up.
It was something that couldn’t be explained by normal means.
At first, the world’s opinion was divided.
But as time passed, most people realised, that only a minority of those who disappeared truly deserved such a fate.

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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