Study endings through stories

Endings are often seen as negative events or as something terrifying.
But endings are simply just part of a journey.
What begins has to end one day, doesn’t it?
But why are we so certain that the end we all face is an eternal one?
Also, why is there a need to associate endings with death or the ceasing of activity?
An ending to a lesson, is simply a respite before the start of another one.
The ending of a book, is simply a break, before the reader starts another story.
The ending of a day, is but the start of another.
Same as with journeys, the end of a journey is the beginning of another.
Indeed, the end of one’s life is one of unfortunate events, but is it eternal?
Are we certain that there is nothing after life?
Endings are not necessarily bad or unwanted.
Sometimes, wishing for something to end is the normal way to go about it.
To end a conflict, to end a problem, to end a game these are all possible endings, with positive meanings.
But endings are understandably terrifying.
After all, who isn’t afraid of the unknown?
After an event, action, object, relation, or simply put, a major part of one’s life meets its end, and one needs to look for something new to start, buy, do, achieve…how could one not be afraid?
So many uncertainties, so many variables, so many risk…
But even so, endings are simply just part of a journey.
They are part of our journeys.
We can avoid them, change them sometimes, or delay them, but sooner or later, we will all meet an ending or another.
While it’s normal to be afraid, it’s pointless to vilify them.
Communication with others might help one understand the endings they’ve or they will face.
Now, let’s speak about the usefulness of endings.
Just as previously stated, fear of endings and the unknown is normal.
So isn’t it better than to ignore or avoid endings, to study them?
“Learn from another’s mistakes, to avoid making them” is a teaching often used by scholars.
And what kind of environment has more endings than stories?
Reading a story you can live a life.
Reading a story to its ending, you can see and understand an ending.
Now, how many stories are out there?
How many lives can one live while reading?
Countless lives, countless endings, one can learn without ever stopping.
And it’s possible even if one reads fiction.
Fiction works still have a plot, and a solid structure (most of them), so why would one be unable to learn from them?
A hero saving the world from an invasion, might be unbelievable in the real world, but the hero’s acts of self-sacrifice, or the hero’s choices can be refitted to real world standards.
So, is it a good way to learn about life and endings?
Yes and no.
Learning and understanding certain endings is possible through reading, but not everything.
There are certain things in life that one needs to experience them on their own skin.
But stories remain one of the best source for not just inspiration, nor relaxation but also for enlightenment.

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Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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