The Iris Peak

The Myriad Fragrance Planet has plenty of sights.
Being heralded as the foremost tourist attraction in the entire universe, it contains countless treasured locations.
The planet has amethyst oceans filled with crystal fish races.
Forests of trees that resemble a sea of fire when the wind blows also are here.
Plains filled with silvery grass that almost reflect the night sky are one of the favourite spots of youngsters.
There are many more sights, but there is one that stands out.
Since before the intergalactic age, when the planet was still primitive and warring, this spot always held a special spot in the hearts of those who saw it.
The Iris Peak, it is called.
A lonesome peak, in the middle of a forest, is piercing the sea of clouds.
The peak is the highest point of a mountain range called simply “the Iris”.
Covered year round in a veil of mist, the peak shines slightly with a royal blue light.
The peak that resembles the flower “iris” is an artificial one, created by the founder of the power that resides in it.
This power is rather quirky.
Naming itself as “The Florist Sect”, it is inhabited by those who have a strong love towards flowers, and nature in general.
At first, in the warring period of the planet, other powers thought it was a joke, and tried to plunder the Florist Sect.
After only seven days, the world was shocked.
Three, 2nd rated and one 1st rated powers sent their members at the Florist Sect, but nothing happened.
No signs of battle were observed from afar, and the hundreds of members that entered the forest, and later on, the mountain range, simply…disappeared.
Of course, the 4 forces thought of this as a provocation, and declared all-out war against the Florist Sect.
The war ended on the day it began.
After the majority of the forces of the attacking sects entered the forest…they slowly disappeared.
This again, caused a great commotion amongst the kingdoms, empires and sects of the planet.
Everything got silent.
After a month, the Florist Sect still acted normally.
They went out, bought supplies, did missions, sold flowers and rejuvenated death lands.
Finally, someone couldn’t bear it, and went to the Florist Sect.
It was a top-tier power of the planet.
Asking what happened to the war, they got a peculiar answer.
“What war?”
Was the response of most of the Florist Sect’s disciples.
The top-tier power’s representatives were flabbergasted, and asked to have a meeting with elder figures.
The answer they got now was even quirkier.
“Nature hates being disturbed.”
There was no fool amongst the representatives.
Looking out, and seeing the never ending sea of trees, and then looking forward and seeing the sky piercing peak, they understood.
On their home turf, the Florist Sect’s rules should always be followed.
The most interesting part of this was, that after the events spread far and wide, the Florist Sect’s territory opened up for the public.
It became the first tourist attraction of the planet.
The forest filled with mesmerising trees, wild flowers and beasts.
The mountain range filled with flower gardens, both above and underground.
And the peak, the famous “Iris” peak.
It resembled an Iris, nobody knew how could huge chunks of metal, stone and rock hang from nothing and float high up, but they did.
The planet was still in a state of chaos.
Wars were still being fought for centuries before the Alliance was created and peace started to reign.
But the Iris Peak was safe and peaceful.
And legends say, that even if the planet collapses or it is destroyed, the Iris mountains and the Iris Peak will survive.
“Nature is adaptable there is no need to worry.”
Is what the Florist Sect members say.

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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