The Choice of being Alone

Being alone can be a choice, as we can control it.
There aren’t many things that can dampen ones mood, but not being able to choose when one should be alone, does it.
Being in a crowded place, the choice is to be not alone, yet sometimes, this right is taken away.
Surrounded by myriad individuals, yet being alone feels suffocating.
It’s like being surrounded by a magnificent feast, yet unable to dine upon any dishes.
Such feelings are only intensified by the conversations that are completely one-sided.
We can talk, we can listen, but the one we talk to just nods, before continuing to tell us a story that has no relevance to the topics we were talking about.
Once, twice, thrice we can accept, nod and happily switch the topic towards something that the other desires.
We can’t be picky with themes to talk about, as we should be able to understand that tastes differ.
But another wave of suffocations washes over us, when hours, days or weeks pass, before we can finally talk about something that we truly wish to talk about.
And this happens even in the case of us having countless conversations daily.
That is why the choice to be alone exists.
But even then, we are not lonely.
Being alone, we are not truly alone.
We are with our thoughts, ideas, dreams and problems.
If luck is on our, we are occupied with the thoughts, ideas and dreams.
Sometimes when the problems are the victors, then we can be pushed to the boundary of feeling lonely, but even then, it just might happen.
It’s not a certainty.
The choice of being alone is sacred.
Many people use it, in so many different ways.
Ignoring others, responding late, barely participating in a conversation, or personally my favourite: being straightforward with it.
This choice is just one of many that can be made.
Sadly, there aren’t too many people who can acknowledge that this choice is made, voluntarily.
Being labelled as a “loner”, “outcast” and “weirdo”, happens quite a lot.
But it does not matter.
Choosing to be alone, we can only accept these preconceptions.
Being alone, doesn’t mean that one has chosen to hate company, as most of us love it.
Talking with those close to us or even with complete strangers is something precious to a lot of us.
It can give us a refreshing feeling, it fills one with happiness, and it births new ideas in one’s mind.
But the interactions with people should be that: interactions.
Being only at the receiving end, feels bad.
Regardless if what we receive is positive or negative, helpful or irrelevant.
It still leaves a bad aftertaste.
The choice of being alone exists, and we can use it, if we desire so.
Being alone is not equivalent to being lonely.
Being alone is not equivalent to being anti-social, friendless.
Being alone is not equivalent of reneging human interaction.
Being alone is simply a choice.
Choices have reasons.
And these reasons vary…from person to person.

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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