Flawed Perfection

Cultivators strive for longevity.
Immortality seems so attractive than one would do anything for it.
Striving for such a great goal people are bound to fight for it, thus there is a need for ambition to be the fuel and drive of one’s life.
To be better, stronger and get closer to one’s goal, they often choose to perfect their “way”, they method of pursuing cultivation, pursuing life itself.
But in this great chase of perfection, living beings tend to forget where they started.
Peasants that became Emperors start to neglect their citizens while weakling that became strong, start to bully those who are weak.
Even though the Emperor knows how it was to go to sleep while hungry on days end, while the strong knows how it was to be bullied, just because they weren’t strong enough.
This of course, doesn’t happen always, but sadly, it happens way too often.
Why is it so?
Why is it that when someone tries to get so close to perfection, even though they know they can’t be perfect, they skew towards the exact opposite direction?
It happens, because by nature especially concerning cultivation, perfection is flawed.
I know it’s contradictory.
Being perfect is often hailed as being “flawless.”
Countless cultivators strive hard to achieve: a perfect foundation, a perfect soul, a perfect cultivation technique and so on.
And these “perfects” are actually perfect, without flaws.
But if one sets as a goal to be entirely perfect, then that is bound to be a failure.
As living beings, how can one be absolutely perfect?
How can one have no flaws to speak of?
Can one be kind, helpful, generous while also being ruthless, murderous and cruel?
Since a lot of times both sides of the coin are needed to be complete.
And if one is like that, are they flawless?
But let’s not speak about this or that.
Let’s consider someone is truly perfect.
They’ve done it.
They are completely perfect.
They are at the top of the world.
There is nobody better than them.
Now what?
What will they do?
Slowly times will change, ages will pass, but they remain the same: perfect.
But are they truly perfect?
Times changed, who can say that they are still perfect?
After achieving the status of being perfect, their ambitions were fulfilled.
Are they still driven to improve themselves?
This is perfections biggest flaw.
The lack of ambition.
“If I am perfect, why do I need to work hard?”
Such statements were heard from geniuses that slowly were forgotten.
If there would be someone with no evident flaw, being almost perfect and also hard working…
That person wouldn’t be a living being, but an idol, a symbol of perfection… a god.
But people like that…rarely exist.
Just look at all those experts that are at the peak of our reality, how are they?
They are eccentric, aloof, savage, noble and many more extreme traits.
They are filled with flaws.
But while covering these flaws, or maybe even eliminating them, they have grown stronger.
Way stronger than anyone with a flawed perfection could ever be.

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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