Legends of the Heavens

The Heavens or “good place” that one can enter in the afterlife exist in almost all civilisations.
This existence is usually benevolent, and seen as the reward for a meritorious and kind life.
Legends spread across the many worlds in our reality talk about the Heavens, and they usually depict it as something helpful, and eternal.
From paradises where one’s wishes come true, through places where one can have an eternity of peace and to places where one’s lifestyle will be accentuated, praised, the heavens are varied in nature.
These legends are present in many cultures, but there is a catch…
In certain places, the existence of the Heavens is not a legend, but a fact.
In such places, one would expect that the civilisations and cultures would be more prone to a good behaviour, as since the Heavens exist, then the Underworld exists as well, right?
Well, living beings behaviour is hard to foresee, thus this assumption if it were made, would be wrong.
Living beings live. That’s it.
The choices they make are in accordance of their will, and sometimes their will is not the same as the will of the Heavens, but they don’t care.
The Heavens are also impartial most of the time.
While they do try to poach talents, and make those talents theirs, they don’t force anyone to believe in their beliefs.
Beliefs that are needed to hone a soul that fulfils the requirements to enter the Heavens.
And why is that they don’t try to at least influence the living beings a bit actively?
Because they know that a self-made soul is worthier than an influenced one.
But the Heavens don’t represent just a place.
The Heavens represent also the natural order and cycle of everything that is in creation.
That doesn’t mean that the Heavens are above living beings or are better than the Underworld.
It simply means that their task is to ensure the good-working of everything that is.
You could name the Heavens, as the headquarters of those who take care of the universe’s good functioning.
Even when concerning the name of the Heavens, the myriad realms have often different views on it.
Valhalla, Nirvana, Elysian Fields, Heaven, Sanctuary, Nothingness, and many more are used to name the “good” place in the afterlife.
Often it is said that only a “pure” soul can enter the Heavens, but that is particular to certain cultures.
Other legends say that only a “true warrior”, an “enlightened one”, or even “everyone” can enter it.
But most importantly, there is one thing that is similar in each of the different legends.
The entities living in “the Heavens” are innately different, and relatively superior in strength to those that are from mortal realms.
Angels, deities, celestials, Buddha and bodhisattvas, and many more entities are those who are the natives of the different Heavens.
What are “the Heavens” exactly?
Are they truly just a place for the souls to be reborn after they die, or are they a much more complex existence?

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