The fantasylands

Fantasylands are the places where people seclude themselves, in order to get a moment of peace and relaxation.
The fantasylands differ in varied ways, but all of them share an important trait.
People can visit them in order to forget, even if just for a moment, about the vicissitudes of life.
Fantasylands are amazing existences where anything is possible.
With myriad fantasylands scattered across just as many endless stories, it’s no wonder that an individual can journey through them their entire life, and still not visit half of them.
There are fantasylands filled with magic and creatures of such nature, that some of the more inexperienced travellers might not even be able to fathom.
These fantasylands are filled with wonders of a natural, spiritual and magical kind.
Rich forests with towering trees of myriad colours that resemble a sea of rainbow coloured leaves.
There are oceans with raging waves tall enough to engulf entire moons in our world.
The never ending mountainous ranges, filled with sky piercing peaks and caves of undiscovered secrets.
And there are deserts of mountains of sand that are flowing, moving and reshaping the scenery each day.
Now, all these environments are filled with creatures and flora of legends.
There are colossal dragons, with fiery red scales, slumbering deep within the mountains waiting for the ages to pass.
The forests are the domain of the elves, and beasts, each of them living in symbiosis with nature itself.
The oceans are filled with countless races, each more eccentric than the other.
These races are guarding the secrets of the depths from the curious eyes of the land dwellers.
Then we have the avian races that could or could not live in floating island fuelled by magic, and rare energy sources.
The deep underground of these fantasylands are also filled with life, treasures and action.
After these, there are fantasylands filled with science and technology, reason winning over instincts and belief.
These fantasylands are filled with mechanical and technological wonders, fuelled by the desire and curiosity of the races towards the truth of the universe.
Incredible cold, unfeeling metal creations stand tall, conquering nature and everything in their way.
From robots, mechanical suits to spaceships bigger than entire planets, the technological fantasylands house everything that anyone can imagine, just like the magical fantasylands.
Planets filled with factories, intergalactic alliances and empires, space wars and many more are the main points of these fantasylands.
And one of my personal favourites, the mixed fantasylands, where everything is possible, and anything can be encountered.
A huge all-encompassing whale racing against a spaceship is possible.
A robot fighting off a swarm of insectoids is possible.
A warrior upon the back of a mechanical dragon, fighting against a wizard riding upon a colossal dragon, is possible.
Fantasylands are the worlds of possibilities.
Anything that can be imagined can be found in them.

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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