The Burden of Guilt

Being successful is a rather common goal and dream.
Many people allude to wanting to achieve greatness in their lives.
What about the people who made it?
What about those who are at the top of the world?
Are they satisfied with what they have?
Alex is one of those at the top of the world.
Inheriting a great business dynasty and rising it up to even higher heights, he’s one of the few truly powerful individuals.
But as all businesses tend to do, Alex’s also prioritised profits over other aspects of life.
Thus, from firing countless employees to winning projects from smaller companies, the burdens just accumulated.
Such a colossus needs a lot to be maintained, and most decisions have to be made by Alex, but he never was an unfeeling individual.
Regardless of what the mainstream belief is concerning those at power, he always tried to help.
Donating for different causes, building schools, hospitals, and funding different researches, he tried to ease up his guilt…but he couldn’t.
After all, he was running an entire business empire, he couldn’t choose to help everyone, right?
So, the guilt he felt was ignored.
It wasn’t that hard, he often said: “It’s either them or us.”
This was how he comforted himself, while contesting for projects or while firing employees.
It worked for a while, but the burden was getting heavier and heavier.
The oh so many deals with other companies, the deals over and under the table, the choices to be made and the choices that have already been made.
It was just too much for Alex.
Soon enough, he had to retire, as he couldn’t keep up with everything going on.
But retiring didn’t help.
He met with people whom he fired, and he saw what happened to the companies that lost the projects.
He tried to make himself believe, that he “didn’t care”, but he couldn’t.
The guilt hidden for so many years burst from its cage and drowned him.
Strengthened by the guilt he felt towards his family, that was neglected due to the so many work related endeavours, he was slowly being consumed by guilt.
A strong, imposing and influential individual, was soon reduced to an old man retired to the country side.
But he was never as happy as he was now.
Living with his beloved wife, and taking care of the grandchildren, he left the business to be run by his kids.
Taking care of crops and a flower garden, while raising his grandchildren, his complexion started to look better and better.
He was getting happier and healthier.
But even now, from time to time, he was haunted by the past.
The guilt he felt always jumped out of its hiding place, when he saw how cold his sons are with him, or how his daughters refuse to visit.
Simply sending the grandchildren with nannies is just as hurtful, as ignoring Alex completely.
The burden brought by guilt weighs down heavily.

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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