The Survivor

Everybody knows about the ever-present dangers of the universe.
First we have the natural calamities that represent Mother Nature’s wrath, such as plagues, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, typhoons, supernovas, planetary collisions and many more.
Then we have the civilisation made calamities.
These calamities are made by the civilisations that evolved and advanced during a period of time in the universe.
They include anything from planetary destruction, wars, self-destructions, invasions to even researching secrets beyond their means.
These are for those who are pure mortals.
Those who pursue immortality, and extraordinary means, the dangers are the same and even more.
Cultivation is not something that can be pursued leisurely.
The intensity of the dangers that one can encounter are multiplied by one’s own power and lifespan.
After all, stronger and older one is the less events, objects and phenomena can be considered as dangers to them.
But once they meet something that can be considered as dangerous to them, then that encounter would be deadly to everyone weaker or younger.
So cultivation could be said to be a game of survival.
That’s the reason why entities older than the universe, and strong enough to be considered nigh-omnipotent, are often eccentric and rather hermit like in behaviour.
Being secluded and tending their own businesses is what characterises the majority of such entities.
After all, doing something on your home turf is much safer then roaming the world.
But even then, many encounter deadly calamities while doing nothing, after all, living forever is against the natural cycle of the universe.
Time flows and passes in most areas of the universe, thus being outside this law is seen as an offense.
Even when the universe itself is against immortality, there are individuals who can survive, and amongst those who survived, there is one individual that is considered a living legend.
The Survivor he is called.
A coward of a long forgotten past, has survived the collapse of countless universes, and it is said to be older than time itself. (Of course he is older than time itself, after all, time stops the moment an entire universe collapses)
He is specialised in body forging techniques, and his vitality is staggering.
While usually this trait doesn’t show itself in space, the moment he steps on a planet it suddenly…blooms.
Each step of the Survivor revitalises the ground, hastening the growth of the flora.
Just by being close to him, one can have their lifespan extended.
But that is just a side-effect of the Survivors cultivation.
The most important ability of his is the innate sense towards danger.
If there is any danger to his life in the surroundings and the near future (usually 10 to 100 years) then he can sense it.
The ones who had conversations with the Survivor say that reportedly, this ability was birthed during an endless war in ancient times.
The Survivor fought on a battlefield for roughly ten million years, ending up being the lone survivor in his team.
This made him be aware of the importance of life, and ever since he lives for himself, and for his fallen comrades.
And here comes the big difference.
The Survivor roams…a lot.
He is often seen as a beggar, librarian, shop owner, ferryman, bard and traveller in general.
He loves to mingle, and he loves to love.
Loving life, he often helps others, especially those who are again, reportedly, descendants of some friends or those who resemble his deceased team members.
The Survivor avoids dangers easily, yet unlike other nigh-omnipotent entities, he loves to interact with those weaker than him, even with mortals.
The Survivor who can actively avoid danger, doesn’t restrict himself at all, and lives life as it should be lived, while those who can’t sense the danger are all living in fear.
Does this mean that knowing when the danger comes is beneficial?
The Survivor thinks not like this.
He often is heard to say : “What will happen, will happen”, emphasizing that while he avoids danger, he doesn’t avoid life, and living closed in a room for millennia is not life.
He faced death more times than entire civilisations combined, and learnt a thing or two.
The unavoidable can’t be avoided, so why worry?
The avoidable can be avoided, so why worry?
But he also acknowledged that his philosophy is personal and can’t be easily replicated.
After all, after losing everything but his own life, it’s not hard to live a carefreely.

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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