Discovery of Spiritual Energy

Our universe has been born eons ago.
In the beginning there was nothing, and then through energy collision matter was born.
Since then, civilisation rose and fell, countless discoveries being etched into the very fabric of time.
From technologies that allowed the complete usage of one’s planet’s resources to technologies that led a civilisation to become a multi-galactic behemoth, all of them pale in comparison with one simple discovery.
The discovery of spiritual energy was this simple one.
Why is it the greatest discovery, and why is it called simple?
Let’s start with the reason of it being called “simple”.
This matter is rather our joy and shame…
The Spiritual Energy was always here, so we didn’t need to truly “discover” it, but for billions of years, the density wasn’t enough for it to have a great effect over the beings life.
Then suddenly, the density and purity of it started to increase, and we started to see its effects.
Longer lifespans, healthier lives and most importantly wildlife started to change, same as herbs and nature as a whole.
Soon, we discovered that our cells are healthier and contain much more energy that they supposed to, thus we started to research the phenomena.
Alongside with ancient legends of gods and devils, we realised that this energy outburst can be actively harnessed, not by technology, as no device was able to contain too much, but by our own bodies!
Imagine our surprise when we realised that technology will soon be auxiliary, and not the main focus of society!
Us! A civilisation that was built upon the ruins of a half-robot half-human race!
We will need to discard technology and follow olden ways of the body!
And how great of a choice it was!
This is why it is the greatest discovery.
Through different means: be it different breathing patterns, ingestion of herbs or mutated beast’s meat, the accumulation of the energy could be hastened and strengthened.
At first, it was rudimentary, just like ancient martial arts.
Our bodies were strengthened, lifespans were ridiculously lengthened and feats like walking on water, splitting the earth were totally possible.
Society changed as well.
Just like in ancient times, bloodlines became much more important.
As one’s body evolved, innate abilities and affinities were strengthened, and passed down to descendants.
In this way, everybody needed and had to build closer relationships to all those related by blood to them.
Clans were swiftly becoming the new mainstream form of organisation, why governments were replaced by councils and gatherings.
But this was far from enough for our race.
We read the ancient myths and legends, we craved for “cultivation”.
Families, big and small, researched for ways to not only absorb and enhance our bodies, but also connect and use the energy externally.
It took centuries, millennia to do so, but we succeeded.
After our bodies evolve and break a certain limit, we can properly tune ourselves to nature.
Well, nature is filled with different energies, so accurately, we could say that we connected with said energies.
The Spiritual Energy is attributeless, and pure in nature, but everything else has a corresponding energy.
Trees, herbs have wood energy, ores have metal energy, fires and fiery elements have fire energy and so on.
Soon, methods to use, connect and change our pure energy into an attributed one were devised.
The birth of these methods ushered in the age of cultivation.
Through attunement to nature’s energies, after a long period of study, and breaking through limits, again and again, we started to see how the world worked.
We discovered that wood energy behaves in a certain way, flame energy in another way and all this is programmed so by the universe itself.
There exists a cycle in the universe and there are laws that govern every aspect of all kinds energy and matter.
Through the study of these laws, one could become akin to a deity of olden legends, having a lifespan as long as stars if not longer.
We finally reached our first goal: we embarked on the path of immortality.
All this started with the discovery of Spiritual Energy, and we will never forget the importance of it.

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Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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