Dangers of eavesdropping

Young man Dan wasn’t out of ordinary nor did he have anything to hide.
But he had quite the peculiar hobby.
He loved to “eavesdrop” on radio channels, and sometimes he even uses some of his equipment to listen to his neighbour’s pillow talk.
He records what he hears but never uses them.
He finds joy in “taking part” in conversations, without being actually active.
Whenever he finds and hears something spicy, he labels the recording as “TOP SECRET”, puts a password on it, and tries to forget about it.
He is indeed quite happy, to partake in little secrets of others, but he never spreads these secrets.
On the outside he seems perfectly normal.
He has a job as an accountant, has two or three close friends, and an awkward crush on the young lady next doors, who the most beautiful smile.
His hobby was a secret, and he usually followed this hobby of his one or two hours every night before sleep.
Waking up, going to work, going home, listening to some conversations then going to sleep.
This was Dan’s daily routine.
He heard about affairs, divorces, about on-going crimes, and even planned attacks.
Not just once did he anonymously announce the forces of justice that something would happen here and there.
He knew the dangers of eavesdropping.
He could never know how, and when will someone realise he’s listening, and then, danger would come knocking on his door.
But he never stopped.
Even after marrying and having children, he continued his hobby, albeit nowadays, he spent less and less time on it.
He saved lives.
That was the only reason his wife allowed him to continue this eerie hobby of his.
But, even if he heard weird, terrifying and disgusting things, he wasn’t prepared to hear a certain message.
This day what he heard was…unbelievable.
It all started normally, tuning on different channels, hearing about this robbery, that attempted burglary and so on.
But then, he found a channel that was completely silent.
Thinking he just found a dead channel, he started to change it when someone spoke.
“We are coming.”
Dan was terrified and quickly shut off the entire system.
He waited, and waited but nobody came for him.
Two years later, a team of black suited individuals knocked on his door.
“The President wants to see you.”
They said, and took Dan and his family.
Ever since, the neighbours lost contact with them, some even starting to forget about Dan and his family, just like they never existed in the first place.

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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