A wild battle

First, it was a blinding light then a dreadful, all-encompassing silence.
That was the aftermath of the clash between the spear and sword.
Two entities whose names travelled across space-and-time, shaking to the core every being of power who heard about them.
Two entities representing the pinnacle of the journey towards true strength, were now duelling for the seat at the top.
This battle was expected to be the most dangerous event to ever occur in this universe, so people were prepared.
The entities close to the power of these two, and those with knowledge about the event all planned for different outcomes, and battle styles, but they never expected what reality brought upon them.
The two strongest experts, the two entities who can terrify gods, devils and chaos beings as well, discarded any resemblance of pride, carefulness or rationality and started a wild battle.
The battle was terrifying.
Just after the first clash, a light so bright was created that planets were incinerated, while afterwards even time seemed to stop, as both space and time were unstable.
The Swordsman, with a slash of his sword attacked the Spearman’s past, wrecking-havoc in the river of time.
The Spearman attacked the Swordsman in the present, shattering space and stabbing directly at the opponent’s soul.
Nothing too flashy was used.
No special techniques, powers or weapons.
The two used their understanding of swordsmanship, spearmanship alongside with their overwhelming understanding of laws of the universe, and their endless sources of energy.
One swing scattered stars, while one stab shattered entire galaxies.
The universe was shaking, and nobody was safe.
The shockwaves of the battle travelled from one edge of the universe to the other, even though the two never truly moved.
The two were locked in a terrifying battle, seemingly unmoving.
But those with keen eyes would’ve seen the horrifying truth.
The two were moving at such speeds, anticipating each-others moves, that it seemed that they were standing still.
But the truth was different.
They were attacking, stopping, changing the trajectory of the attack and countering the opponent.
For thousands of exchanges, the two didn’t even touch weapons, but when they did, calamity followed.
A single clash between the two resembled the big-bang.
A shockwave strong enough to disintegrate the nearby systems and galaxies spread across the universe, culling the lives of billions.
The two battled wildly for eons, before the Spearman successfully killing the Swordsman.
After their victory, the Spearman entered seclusion, trying to climb the seat at the top, completely unbothered by the consequences of the fight.
Galaxies disappeared, and high amounts of energy were left floating around in the middle of the universe.
If nothing was to be done, a new natural big-bang will occur at the centre of the existing universe, pushing the border galaxies farther away, while giving birth to new matter, and new life.

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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