A summer snow

The weather was scorching hot.
It was summer indeed, but this heat wave was unbearable.
I had to study late into the night, as I had my exams soon.
The heat wasn’t helping me at all.
Studying math, biology and history wasn’t easy to begin with, but sweating all over, bugs buzzing all over my room and the feeling of suffocation made it almost impossible to concentrate.
I had to ace these exams, it was a must.
If I didn’t, then my parents would never give me a moment of peace.
But I knew that if this continues it will be impossible to ace them.
I simply couldn’t pay attention.
The symphony of flies, mosquitoes and other bugs kept me distracted.
The sweat, heat and breathless sensation kept me lost.
And the difficulty of the materials themselves made me feel…small, incompetent.
I sighed.
“I will need a miracle to ace these exams…”
I said, swiping the sweat off my forehead.
Right then, I shivered.
“Huh…such a cold breeze… and in this weather?”
I said, scratching my head.
Looking outside I gasped, almost swallowing a fly.
It was snowing…
In the middle of one of the worst heat waves our country has ever faced…it was snowing.
A summer snow…
I chuckled, forcing myself to focus on the books, and materials.
It snowed for 5 days, exactly until one day after my exams.
As soon as my exams were over, the heat wave came back, even stronger than before.
But it didn’t matter anymore.
10 days later, the results came in.
I have successfully aced my exams, and have been already in contact with several universities.
The summer snow’s existence was remembered just by some pictures, as the heat wave erased any evidence of what happened.
But I will never forget it.
This summer snow experience was what helped me ace my exams.
Truly a rare miracle…
But it wasn’t enough.
My parents congratulated me and that was it.
The sense of achievement quickly faded away, giving way to the stress inducing goal: choose the best university, be the best student, and find a proper job.
I chuckled to myself.
“As long as I don’t have control over my life, happiness is just like this summer snow, gone as quickly as it came…”

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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