The throne of forgotten dreams

The Empress towered over her courtiers, even while sitting on her throne.
She wore a royal golden robe, engraved with a rainbow coloured dragon.
Her crown was thin, made of silver and that was the only accessory she wore.
Her hair was long and rich of the brightest red, with pale skin and royal blue eyes.
Even without makeup she looked otherworldly, making one unable to calm down when in her presence.
“Is that all?”
The Empress questioned, after all the reports had been presented.
“Yes, Your Highness.”
After a while the Prime Minister said.
The Empress said.
With a single word, the courtiers felt like being pardoned from a death sentence, and they rushed out of the hall with bowed heads.
After they left, only some eunuch remained by the Empress’s side.
The Empress stood up from the throne, while an eunuch quickly laid out several pillows on the ground.
The Empress walked towards the pillows and sat down in lotus position, watching with disgust the throne upon which she sat.
“What a cruel world…”
She murmured, while the eunuch shivered.
The throne was made out of pure gold, and countless rare ores.
Just the half of it could buy you a town or two, giving you the change to gain a nobility title.
The aspiration of countless royal youths in the last 10 thousand years is represented by this throne…but the Empress hated it.
She used to be youngest daughter of the previous Emperor.
Being doted upon by both parents and siblings as well she grew up happily.
But she wasn’t useless or spoiled.
Talented in both the 4 arts and cultivation, she was early on recruited into an immortal sect, where she became a core disciple from the get-go.
While being down to earth and nice to everyone, she was respected by the elders of the sect and senior disciples.
Soon, marriage proposals came in flooding, however the happy moments didn’t last.
As most of the suitors were cultivators, the royal family was careful with them, regardless if they could handle them or not.
One night, a suitor got too drunk and ravaged the palace.
The entire royal family was killed in cold-blood, due to the suitor being a strong poison cultivator.
The daughter’s sect intervened and killed the murderer, but that didn’t change a thing.
Her family was gone…
She came back and took the throne to the dismay of the sect’s members.
It’s been 10 years, and her cultivation became faster and faster ever since she became the Empress, contrary to the sect’s expectations.
But she wasn’t happy.
She sat on a throne of long forgotten dreams.
Her father wanted to wed her to a young hero, and play with their kids.
Her mother, a young concubine, wanted to be there when she’s pregnant and take care of her.
The crown prince, her eldest brother, wanted to rule as a just Emperor while giving the other siblings king and queen titles and letting them rule more or less separately.
The other princes as well, they had so many great dreams, ambitions.
“My 8th brother wanted to become a famous immortal chef… His dishes were the best…”
The Empress murmured as she stood up, with glistening eyes.
“Send the paperwork to the Prime Minister, if there is something that needs my attention, sent it to my study.”
The Empress ordered.
“Yes, Your Majesty!”
The eunuchs answered, quickly scuttling away.
The Empress’s lone silhouette walked the halls, sighing every now and then.
Her family’s might be dead, and their dreams might’ve been already forgotten by everyone else…
But she remembered…and she will make sure to make them come true, in a way or another.

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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