In the belly of the beast

Above the shaking ground and between the shivering trees, a man and woman could be seen running, while accompanied by a pack of wolves.
Right between the man and woman, the alpha wolf was running, while occasionally glancing back, checking upon its pack.
The man was tall, with long spring green hair, pale brown skin and pointy ears, while the woman had long blood red hair, with a pale skin.
The wolves were all slightly blue coloured with a bright silver moon in the middle of their forehead.
The alpha also had a purple mane, while being at least five times bigger than the other wolves.
“Faster pack, we need to arrive at the Metal Mountains as soon as possible!”
The alpha howled.
Suddenly the darkened sky roared, and a powerful storm started ravaging the lands.
As droplets of water started pouring down rapidly, sizzling sounds started to be heard all over, while some younger pups winced in pain.
“It’s an acidic rain, quick, spread a barrier!”
The man shouted to the woman, who together with the man, weaved some signs, and a translucent barrier surrounded the trio, alongside with the pack of wolves.
Fumes rose from the barrier, the acid hitting the barrier making a symphony of destruction.
The man and woman were sweating and started to become paler and paler, as the alpha saw this, it howled, and the entire pack picked up their speed.
With the renewed vigour and speed, they arrived at a mountainous range just in time for the man and woman to collapse from fatigue.
The alpha caught them both, and took them inside the cave systems of the mountains.
Outside, the weather was raging, Mother Nature showing its wrath, fumes raising from everywhere, as the acid tried to dissolve everything in its path.
The wolves were all huddled together, with a few of the stronger ones patrolling the cave’s entrance and exits.
The alpha was looking over the man and woman, waiting for them to wake up.
After a few hours, the woman woke up, and not long after the man did the same.
“We made it!”
The woman said, jumping onto the man, and kissing him.
After being released, the man chuckled.
“Yes, we made it.”
He said.
“You are like young pups, happy and carefree, but let’s not forget, we are still in the belly of the beast.”
The alpha chimed in.
The woman laughed, but the man blushed a bit.
The man coughed, and straightened his back.
“The entire planet is in the belly of the beast…figuratively and literally as well…”
The man said, sighing.
“These mountains are made from the highest grade of metal that can be found on this planet…It will be the last place to go down.
We have centuries if not millennia to find a way to escape.”
The woman said, smiling.
Suddenly, a loud commotion broke out in the nearby caves.
The alpha wolf sighed.
“Even the wisest races, become beasts in the belly of the beast.”
The wolf said, leaving to instruct his pack not to get involved in any conflict.
The woman and man held hands, and smiled.
“Whatever it is…we will escape and survive!”
The man exclaimed looking at the woman tenderly.
“Yes, for us…all of us.”
The woman said, gently caressing her stomach.

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Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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