Everlasting Night

It was an uneventful day for Erik.
He woke up as usually at 6 am before going to work.
He worked until 5 pm, and then went home.
After a shower and dinner, he went for an evening jog, before going to sleep at 10 pm.
He knew that he was a rather boring, average individual, who had a repetitive routine, but he prided himself in being able to wake up at 6 am, every single day, without an issue, and without feeling tired.
Next day, at exactly 6 am, he woke up, quickly got up from the bed, and did his usual stretching exercises…but something was wrong.
It was still dark, and Erik shrugged starting his morning routine, thinking that it was simply cloudy outside.
He went to work, and people were sleepy, and less lively than usual, but he didn’t see anything wrong with it, after all, it was barely 6:50 am.
But then, hours passed and it was still dark outside, and people started panicking.
Erik was rather happy as they were given a few days off, at least until there are more information about the situation outside.
He went home, and looked inside his pantry.
He had food and water supplies enough for roughly 3 years.
Chuckling, he closed the pantry door.
“It seems like being slightly paranoid has its benefits.”
He murmured, before going to bathroom where he had some filters for purifying water.
Afterwards, he went to the basement of the apartment complex, and brought his generator up to his apartment.
At the end of all this, he took a shower, and went to watch his favourite show.
A week later the reports started to pour in.
No human is able to see the sunlight, but the sunlight does exist.
In consequence, the sky darkened, but this isn’t the only problem, as the starlight from other stars has dimmed a lot in the eyes of humans.
But electricity generated light is the same if not stronger than before in the eyes of humans.
Humanity can see what is on a screen, but can’t see it in real life.
Thus, it is concluded to multiple reports that the sun, moon and stars are in the same condition as approximately 2 weeks ago.
Humans as a whole race have underwent a mutation that doesn’t allow them to see the light from celestial bodies directly.
“Directly” is the most important word in the research, as the objects and everything else that reflects light and is seen due to the existence of light, can be seen.
Zoo keepers and wildlife watchers have added that reptiles are seen basking in the sun, same with other animals that are known to enjoy sunbathing.
Thus, it can be concluded that animals have no changes in their visual prowess, and it is only humans who are in a dark, shadowy world.
Further research is needed, but preliminary, there is nothing to worry about.
When Erik arrived at the last part of the report, he chuckled.
“Ah, nothing to worry about, it’s just completely dark outside, and we can’t see the stars, moon and sun anymore, not a big deal.”
He said, laughing out loud at the end.
After half a year it was said that indeed, humans are not affected by the lack of seen sunlight, and natural light, as their bodies are seen to have vitamin D.
Erik went back to work after the first 2 months, and while some riots occurred, and some cults sprouted, his life didn’t really change.
This episode was the first one in the new chapter of humanity’s history, and most people agreed to name it: “Everlasting Night.”

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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