A soul’s journey

Since immemorial times, the existence of something spiritual, something that can’t be explained through reason and logic was ascertained.
That something that governs our rationality, morality, ethics, and creativity is of a higher grade than our mortal bodies.
This something in many of the worlds that exist is called “a soul”.
Now, the soul is the core of a being’s existence, and it is said to be immortal, existing even after death.
But how exactly does the soul influence someone, and what is the soul’s journey?
Great thinkers have concluded through studies that spanned entire universes, that the soul influences one’s decision, one’s personality, behaviour and most importantly one’s fate.
The soul is branded by a certain fate from its birth, and from there it grows or decays, gaining a better or worse fate.
Before talking about its journey, I would like to specify that the birth of a new soul is a mystery.
Guided by a higher force such as a divinity or the reality itself, souls are born or created, but nobody is certain about the exact details of the birth process.
Now, a soul’s journey is something that’s simple yet complicated.
One individual’s soul is influenced by the environment and events one faces.
The soul of an individual will face countless trials and obstacles in its path to growth.
Failures, mistakes, setbacks, betrayals, attacks and many more, are the hardships that once conquered and understood will boost immensely one’s soul’s growth.
But watching a movie, reading a book, taking a break, having a conversation and many more mundane activities, are also heavily influencing the soul’s development.
One’s soul’s journey is endless, and everything one meets is an educational material.
If an individual has an open minded personality and can accept how some events unfold, then one can learn from anything.
As living beings with souls can actually interpret anything, no matter how simple, thus making the soul’s journey complicated.
If simply seeing an elderly individual crossing the street with great difficulty, is enough to enlighten and motivate someone young to work hard, and never give up, then the study of events that influence the soul is infinite, and never ending.
A soul’s journey is much more than the individual’s journey as the soul is immortal, so this brings up the question: is the soul the individual or the individual just nurtures the soul?
The answer to this question is: “Does it matter?”
Regardless if the soul is the individual, but through repeated reincarnations or existence changes it forgets bits of their personality or if the individual just nurtures the soul before the soul going through a higher realm of travelling, does it matter?
In the end, the result is the same: the life of a mortal influences immensely the immortal soul, and a part of the soul’s journey, is the same as the mortal’s life.
This simply means that whatever small, insignificant event, action or thought there is, they can all influence the greater picture.
A soul’s journey is simple yet complicated, as everything of an individual is influenced by the soul and everything that is the individual influences the soul in turn.

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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