A gate to another world

It was a dark, rainy day.
The wind was strong, making a symphony with the leaves of the trees that were next to my window.
The sky was covered with dark clouds, but now and then, a lightning bolt lighted up the entire sky.
It was a good day.
I loved such days, they were able to calm me down, and help me have a good night’s sleep.
But that day wasn’t like that.
I fell asleep amidst the rain, wind and thunder playing a lively concert outside.
Expecting a good night sleep, I fell asleep under my fluffy blankets and on my comfortable pillow with a content smile on my face.
But it wasn’t to be like how I expected.
I dreamt, a dream of unusual vividness, which was…unusual.
I rarely dream, as when I sleep, I am asleep, but consciously and subconsciously, my brain being in an offline mode.
Rarely, when problems or hopes and ambitions burden my mind, I do dream, but this time, it wasn’t like that.
But this dream…this dream was out of place.
In this dream I woke up in a strange place…a typical fantasy forest setting.
It’s quite weird, because I am not a fan of fantasy, but there I was.
The trees were sky piercing, with lush red coloured crowns and greyish scaly bark.
The sun in the sky was…not alone, a big sun was accompanied by two smaller ones.
The sky itself was rather interesting…it was of a shade of spring green, rather than the normal blue one that I am used to.
I looked around a bit, but thankfully nobody, well rather nothing was around, so I wasn’t in danger.
After walking around for what felt like hours, I finally started to feel and see how different this world was.
The wind picked up and it was like a gentle song being sung.
The blood red leaves were playing their own music, which accompanied the music made by the wind itself, as it passed through the spaces between the trees.
But that wasn’t all…I heard giggling sounds, and a sweet fragrance of honey, and rose hit me.
Looking closely at the gusts of winds, which oddly, were actually visible, they solely took on a pseudo-material form.
Watching these “forms” playing around, making the wind play, I’ve recalled how they are called in fiction, “spirits”.
One of these spirits saw me, and approached me.
I was assaulted by a sensation of weightlessness and freedom, while the little spirit ushered the winds to slightly lift me up, before dashing away giggling.
It was a weird dream.
I took in my hand a purple flower that I found.
It had 12 petals, and its stem was royal blue.
The flower, that I named “Queen of the Forest”, was mesmerising and it had a unique scent that relaxed me, and at the same time sharpened my senses.
I could hear, see, feel and smell better than before, but before I could enjoy it, I felt a pain in my nostrils, and woke up in my bed.
As I woke up, I chuckled.
“I shouldn’t eat before sleeping.”
I thought to myself, before freezing on the spot.
As I wanted to smooth my hair in my right hand, there it was…the “Queen of the Forest”.
“This…this shouldn’t be possible…”
I murmured back then, but it was.
I took care of the flower, and ever since, I rest better, I feel better and I am stronger.
My eyesight is much sharper, my hearing is extremely focused and my movements are sharper, smoother and much more delicate.
Once a week I get the dream of another world, and once a week I get to gather things from another world…
It’s never something big, just things small enough that I can keep them upon myself, but it’s more than enough to become healthier.
I’ve always dismissed the notion of “dreams being gateways to another world”.
I rarely dreamt, so it was logical to assume that dreams are just some side-affects of the brain’s functions, but now…
Now I know the truth, well…this is the truth for me at least.
My dreams are a gate to another world, and I am going to use it to become a better, healthier person.

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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