The Gem of Blood

There is no entity richer on this planet than the Sellun family.
They’ve started low, as a family of farmers and rose to the peak through smart dealings, and fortunate encounters.
With the help of the hard work and luck of generations, the family became the richest merchant and noble family that have ever existed.
The family members of this particular family were all talented in the business field.
And their tastes were always exquisite, having an eye for anything that will catch on, becoming a trend.
But even such a family can only marvel at the mesmerising shine of a certain gem.
This gem was acquired by the family by a stroke of luck, and ever since it became the symbol and the heirloom of the family’s main branch.
The gem was found inside a cave of death.
The cave was filled with traps and fake treasures, rumours of riches and magical artefacts spread like fire.
With such rumours flying around, the cave was always filled with explorers and adventurers, sometimes even military troops sent by nobles, kingdoms or even empires.
But the cave wasn’t simple, more than 80% of those who wandered too deep inside of it, never came out.
And the Sellun family’s ancestor was a lucky one who actually got to the core of the cave.
There, the cave walls were glistering being filled with natural treasures, while the ground was littered with precious artefacts and resources, but that wasn’t the main attraction.
The main attraction was a lake of sparkling blood red water, that even without currents and breeze, slightly waved, and moved.
It was a magical sight, but not for the weak, for the water was transformed from the blood of those who’ve died.
The air around the lake was heavy, infused with the heavy smell of iron, the sweet smell of honey, and the relaxing smell of lavender.
The contrast of fragrances could easily make someone dizzy, and with one misstep, one could end up dying, for the artefacts littered everywhere on the ground were ever sharp, and as dangerous as when wielded by warriors.
And in the middle of such a surreal sight, of such a menacing lake, surrounded by waves of enticing yet dangerous waters, there was a stand, and upon the stand, was a gem.
The gem was roughly the size of a fist, having 16 sides and being so polished, that even in the natural light of the treasures, it shone brightly, blinding one’s sight.
The gem was of such an intense red, that the ancestor of the Sellun Family called it the “solidification of thousands years of bloodshed” and named it “The Gem of Blood”.
With means unknown to outsiders and family members alike, the ancestor took the gem from the middle of the lake, and took it home.
Since the Sellun family got the Gem of Blood, their luck increased.
They were lucky wealth wise even prior to the finding of such a jewel, but after getting their hands on the gem, they started awakening talents leaning towards the brutal side of the world.
More and more warriors were birthed amongst the family members, and soon the family became a power on their one, even without their wealth.
First the rumours of the blessing of the “Gem of Blood” started to spread, but it was long before they became legends.
The legend goes like this: “The Gem of Blood, the heart of conflict, those who possess such a treasure, are blessed by the Gods of War, and will be ever victorious in all of their conflicts.
But be aware that such a blessing is a two edged blade, for the victories birth envy in others, and one with only victories under their belt, will soon be facing the entire world.”
Regardless if the gem is auspicious or ominous it is a fact that it wields powers, and the Sellun family is still amidst the fortune of the gem, however, one could never know when the fortune will turn.

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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