The seed of hope

The demons overran our reality.
From a single worshiper to a cult the demons influence slowly grew, until one day, they were strong enough to open a rift.
Through the rift the demonic essence slowly seeped in, corrupting the unintelligent creatures as well strengthening the demon worshippers.
But thankfully, only low-ranked demons were able to travel through the very first rift.
The rift was found rather quickly and the area quarantined, as the rift was unable to be closed, all the low-ranking demons being killed, but the worshippers, as slippery as ever, escaped.
Slowly the rift grew, but without any new sightings of demons people grew complacent, and the demons influence grew ever stronger.
The worshippers were smart, that was an acknowledged fact.
The rituals were done in remote areas, sacrificing mountainous villages, outcasts and temporary settlements to the demons.
The rituals were done in order to strengthen the rift, not to open new ones.
One would think: “And people considered the worshippers smart? They strengthen the most guarded place’s connection with the demons?”
But there is a big difference, between a low-ranked demon and a mid-ranked one.
And even a bigger one, when it comes to high-ranked demons, Demon Lord and Demon Kings.
The worshippers were stalling and waiting, waiting for the moment when humans, beasts, angels and the many races forgot about a small low levelled rift.
And after a couple of centuries, that moment arrived.
At the moment when the entire universe was at its happiest moment, at the moment where all the races had their guards at their lowest, that’s when the rift expanded crazily.
From the new humongous rift, millions of low ranked demons, hundreds of thousands of mid ranked demons, thousands of high ranked demons, hundreds of Demon Lords and a few dozen Demon Kings poured out in the matter of days.
The universe was caught unprepared, the demonic miasma spread quickly over the galaxies, and the losses were high.
A resistance was created and the races of the universe fought back, but it was already too late.
The demonic miasma strengthened the demons and demon worshippers, while it weakened and tried to corrupt anyone else, it wasn’t a fair fight.
After just a couple decades of fighting the demons took over the entire universe, making it a demonic one.
Hope was dying, as normal cultivation was almost eradicated, but then a miracle happened.
An angel brought back a child from a higher ranked universe, and the child could transform the demonic miasma into pure energy.
It wasn’t much, but it was a seed of hope.
The seed of hope can sprout anywhere, and once sprouted it is hard to eradicate.
It’s isn’t just a coincidence that there is the saying: “Hope dies last”.
As long as there is one idea persevering against the tide, hope will always be there.
This idea can be anything: a person, a record, a sign or even simply a thought.
Hope will never die, as long as there is someone that desires a better future, a better life or even if simply someone still survives.

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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