With a single sword

In a small, but exquisite courtyard, a young child could be seen swinging a wooden sword.
With a proper posture the child swung the sword with his right hand.
Then he changed and swung it with his left hand.
The swing was equally accurate, stable and strong regardless with which hand he swung the sword.
Despite it not being too hot nor too cold, and the young child was wearing thin clothing, he was sweating bullets.
By the time the sun arrived at its peak, a young lady came into the courtyard, with a smile blossoming on her face.
“Little Dan, come to eat lunch with mom”
She said.
Dan just simply nodded.
The young lady smiled, and sighed.
“How many times have you swung your sword today?”
His mom asked.
“I woke up at 5 am, swung the sword 12034 times with my right hand and 12012 with my left hand. My left hand is still a bit weaker than my right hand.”
Dan answered.
“You are just as focused as your dad is.”
His mom giggled.
Dan blushed a bit, but didn’t react in any other ways.
The two had a feast at lunch.
As they were both cultivators they’ve eaten at least 300 kilograms worth of meat, and almost as many kilograms of useful herbs.
Despite Dan being barely 12 years old, he was already able to keep up with the appetite of his mother.
“My little glutton, this means your body is developing well!”
His mom laughed.
Dan just smiled, while wiping his mouth.
“I am going back to practice.”
He said, before bowing slightly and leaving.
His mom just shook her head.
Dan went back to his courtyard and continued swinging his sword.
Day after day, tens, hundreds of thousands of times, he swung his sword, and now he was 16.
“Little Dan, come to eat lunch with mom”
His mom said.
Dan was drenched in sweat, but his body was toned, and now, after 4 years, he was much taller than his mom.
He just nodded, and went to eat with his mom.
The meals were getting richer by each day, they had servants, and hunters employed to hunt for beasts to eat.
Right in the middle of their lunch, a huge explosion could be heard, and the gates of the mansion they were staying at were blasted open.
“I finally found you!”
A voice shouted.
Dan wiped his mouth and stood up, while his mother just shook her head.
“Another fool…”
She murmured.
Soon, Dan was in the front yard of the mansion.
There, upon the ruins of the gates stood a middle-aged man, with a 3m long sabre in his hand.
“Little kid! You are the child of that fool, Sword God, right?!”
The middle-aged man questioned, pointing the huge sabre towards Dan.
Dan said simply, as he took out a wooden sword from his spatial ring.
“What? You want to fight me? With a wooden sword?”
The middle-aged man asked, bursting into a fit of laughter.
Dan just nodded.
“You are naïve! And arrogant! Just like that fool of your father!”
The middle-aged man exclaimed.
Dan just raised his sword.
“Child! I am one of the twelve Sabre Gods! You think I am just your run-of-the-mill warrior?!”
The middle-aged man said.
Dan said nothing, just took his stance inviting the opponent to a fight.
“Sigh…I only want to take you and your mother as hostage, I will go easy on you kid.”
The middle-aged man said, swinging his sabre.
The swing emitted a huge energy wave, splitting the ground and air, quickly heading towards Dan.
Dan was calm, and unhurriedly swung his sword.
His sword’s tip touched the energy wave and dissipated it.
“This…This is the realm of…”
The middle-aged man exclaimed, before dividing in two perfect halves.
Dan sighed, put away his wooden sword and gestured to the servants.
“Clean this up, make a new gate, don’t bother mother.”
He said, before leaving for his training.
The servants quickly started cleaning up the battlefield.
“Another challenger…”
One of the servants said.
“Dealt with a single sword…”
Another one continued.

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Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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