The roar

The sound of metal clashing, pained cries and the shouts of the warriors filled the area surrounding the mountain.
The war was at its first peak, the raging flames of conflict consuming everything in their path.
It all started with a small skirmish between two sects, but soon it engulfed all the powers of the Empire, and the Empire itself.
This war was especially cruel, as it was a war for the right to exist amongst two powers, with countless outsiders joining in for different promised benefits.
The two sects were both aloof and almighty in demeanour, both seeing commoners and non-cultivators as something lower than insects.
With such a philosophy, their battles took no consideration regarding the villages, towns and cities of the mortals.
Villages were blown away by conjured winds, and by powerful shockwaves.
Towns collapsed under the quaking ground’s momentum, under rampaging summoned creatures wrath or under the explosion created by the collision of two attacks.
Cities disappeared under the aftermaths of battles, rituals or even simply after they were used as “supply” spots.
The Empire was shaken at its very foundation, as the two sects and the other forces fought, while the Empire constantly lost not only land, but important citizens as well.
The two sects being conceited, they never considered the talents that can rise from amongst the commoners, but the Empire knew better.
Even know, the Imperial Advisor, the Imperial Commander and even the Court Sorcerer were of commoner lineage, slowly building up their power, their influence.
The Empire was losing its blood, and even if they will be compensated by the winning sect, for the foreseeable future they will enter a declining period, as no new fresh blood will be present.
The flames of conflict soon engulfed the entire Empire, but as a spark amidst a dry leaf carpet, it spread quickly, and ferociously.
The two powers were top-tiered, even when one wanted to find another power as strong as these 2 globally, it would be hard to find more than a few.
So as the situation got tenser and tenser, the 2 sects brought in outsider allies, soon the conflict covering the entire planet.
The flames of conflict consumed the commoner’s life as fuel, and they spread everywhere.
The Empires and Kingdoms fought hard to protect the mortals, but even then they prioritised the nobles rather than the simple farmers, lumbers, overall they ignored most of the commoners, saving only those that were close enough.
The entire planet shook under the rage and flames, its endurance same as the commoners, almost unending, but everything in this universe has a bottom line, and that line was crossed.
In a small mountain village, a sect’s disciple tried to recover at the expanse of the life of the villagers.
The disciple consumed the life of all the villagers, leaving behind as the last “meal” a young child.
The young child fought back, hitting the disciple with a stick but it was useless.
The stick hit the disciples face as if it hit a mountain’s side, making no harm.
“Funny little ant, your life force must be delicious.”
The disciple said, as he slowly approached the child.
The child retreated, but soon fell over the rubble of a fallen house…it was his former “home”.
The young child felt indignant…why? Why would the world be so cruel?!
And the child shouted…shout that became a roar…and the world joined in.
The entire world shook, as it was filled with an angry, defiant roar.
The nobles, the royals, and the cultivators felt a pressure but didn’t understand what was happening, until they looked at the commoners.
Each commoner started roaring together with the world’s roar….before starting to change.
Their bodies started to become more refined, taller, sturdier, stronger and non-human.
With characteristics of olden civilisations, the commoners have been heard, the world heard their cries and they have been blessed.
Their blood was changed, now they were no longer humans but something more…now they had the power to retaliate.
With the new powers, and the young child as the leader, all commoners rebelled and escaped from under the powers that took them in.
When they met a noble’s army they killed them, when they met the imperial army they killed them, when they met a cultivator? They killed them.
Soon, a new Empire was born and with another roar the world quieted down.
Because this Empire was born after the new race eliminated the 2 sects that started the whole ordeal.
The Empire was named “Roaring Empire” and the new race was called “the Beastmen”.
Their bodies were stronger than normal humans, and as strong as body refiners.
Their blood gave them special abilities to fight against the spells of cultivators, while their bodies themselves were resistant against weaker spells.
Soon the Beastmen’s empire opened up for outsiders, and everyone rejoiced.
They were proud but at the same time humble, they wanted a simple relationship with the humans: “You respect me, I respect you.”
The world flourished, and despite being simple and honest, the Beastmen were never fooled, they were now the leading race of the world, hell-bent on keeping peace…by any means necessary.

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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