The fuel of life

Living is life, so what is the fuel that ignites such a living, such a life?
The fuel of life is something personal, something that differs from person to person.
This fuel is the one that’s burning inside one, pushing them forward and making them take and uphold the choices of their lives.
The fuel can be anything, from goals, emotions to events, people or even objects.
The fuel is ever burning, sometimes faster sometimes slower, but as long as one doesn’t lose themselves, the fuel will always remain hidden in the depths of their very being.
Can the fuel change?
Of course it can change, as people change so does the fuel that motivates them.
As a young one, the most common fuel is either “desire” for example: “desire to be happy”, “desire to make the people important to them proud”, or even desire in its purest form of simply wanting something.
Then as the individuals grow older the fuel changes, moulding after the preferences, personalities, goals, ambitions and environment of each individual.
Now let’s talk a bit about the emotions part, as the others are rather obvious.
Emotions are powerful fuels that can be hard to tame.
They can lead to the strongest motivations with the strongest convictions, but they are the hardest to recover once shattered and extinguished.
Love, hate, fear, anger, wrath, greed, lust all of them are emotions.
Hate, anger, wrath, greed, lust, pride, sloth/laziness are seen as something negative, but isn’t it all just due to the point of view of fuel that they can be actually good?
For example hatred is a strong fuel that can change even an ant into a giant, if it’s properly controlled.
Due to hatred one can learn what they shouldn’t even be able to understand, one can endure what no living being should be able to endure.
But what happens when suddenly, hate isn’t the fuel but the main body?
Suddenly, the individual is used as fuel by the hate inside them and soon everything that was built collapses.
But this is a common example, so let’s talk about laziness/sloth.
How can laziness be seen as a fuel? As motivation, as something that pushes a person forward, when laziness/sloth is always seen as something that keeps one down, keeps one always behind, lagging after others?
Well, if it’s used properly as fuel then laziness/sloth is just as useful as any other fuel if not better.
For an easy life, for not doing anything for a prolonged time, for one to be truly lazy and comfortable, those that truly understand life know that one needs to work hard.
After being in a position that barely one’s word is needed, can’t one rest and do more or less whatever they want?
One can be as lazy as they want to, if everything in their life is already solved, and it needs barely some periodical pushes for it to move forward.
But be careful, because if laziness takes control, one won’t accomplish anything.
This is how it is with emotions being used as fuel of our lives, so it’s like dancing on the edge of the blade, not really knowing when we will cut ourselves.
Fuel, anything can be used as a fuel, but it’s important how one uses it, and how one sees it.
Anything can be of use to someone, just one needs to really focus on finding its use.
The fuel of life is found everywhere and in everyone, if one would need to truly find their fuel, sooner or later, they would find it.
Does this mean that there are people without fuel to drive their very being?
Yes, there are people without a certain driving core, a fuel or even without certain goals or ambitions.
Are they pushing forward then?
Of course!
The fuel of life has many forms, even when it’s not there, something similar to it exists. (I would like to be cheeky and cheesy, and say “fuel that’s not fuel”, but that’s rather random, and awkward to say.)
Sometimes good, sometimes bad but life goes on, and something does need to drive life forward, so something must exist there.

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Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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