The Sign

What is “The Sign”?
So many people are waiting for fate, God or something or someone to send a sign, respectively “The Sign” to show them the way.
And “The sign” always comes when it’s needed.
Is this a divine intervention, a self-fulfilling prophecy or a cosmic coincidence?
Nobody really knows the true nature of “The Sign” as it varies in nature, form and well, a bit self-contradictory with my previous statement but it varies in timing as well.
Let’s start with the last part: timing.
It comes when is needed, but that doesn’t mean it comes always at the time one expects or thinks they are in dire need of it.
“The Sign” has its own way of deciding when it is truly the time to come.
Some signs appear before a great hurdle, some appear amidst great challenges and some, and some appear even after the entire world of a person has collapsed.
All in all, the signs appear when it’s the time for a great change in one’s life.
Now let’s talk about the other traits of these phenomena.
Sometimes they appear in form of a timely advice, like when one needs to change something in their lives just to be better, feel better.
Other times they are random occurrences that help the individual learn through the experience of others.
A struggling person who is pondering over whether they should tell someone the truth or not, seeing the outcome of a relationship built on lies, awakening from their confusion and seeing the right path.
But the most important signs are the ones that come from oneself, sort of at least.
They are the result of introspection, meditation and thorough analyse of the situation that hit a wall, and a random thought, action or emotion leads to a breakthrough.
Often, those from places that lack proof of the supernatural think that their subconscious is the one responsible for interpreting random events as “The Sign”, and they are not wrong.
But when it happens over and over and over again, one shall start asking questions.
“I was thinking about this, and here it comes, how is this possible?”
“I’ve been struggling with this for months, and one casual walk and it is solved? That’s it?”
And many more such cases, and in places where there is a certainty that there are rules in place, people study “The Sign”.
Despite studying them, it’s hard to say the criteria upon which laws at such a widespread scale work.
One thing is certain.
“The sign” comes when it’s needed, so while the curiosity burns in the souls of the seekers of wisdom, it’s not a necessary knowledge.
Regardless if we know if it’s a simple act of kindness of a higher entity, be it a divinity or the reality itself, or is just a random occurrence that is created by our actions and choices, it doesn’t matter.
“The Sign” will appear, that’s for sure, so we just need to be careful not to miss it.

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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