Monster amongst monsters

There are realms out there which are almost entirely inhabited by creatures of unfathomable potential.
They are called monsters, beasts or abominations by the rest of the races of the multi-verse, and rightly so.
Their physique is second to none, equal to the Gods.
Their innate affinity to certain mystical abilities, make them versatile warriors.
Their lifespan is hundreds times longer than most races, only the immortals, deities and the undead can compare to them.
But everything is fair in this world.
They having such an insane set of skills from birth is offset by two things: their bloodline is hard to be fully inherited by offspring, meaning that their descendants will need to work hard to have the same bloodline quality as they have.
And, the most important “shackle” that balances this race’s potential: their growth rate is extremely slow.
At centuries old they are still children, while they hit puberty when they reach several thousand years old.
Their power grows with them, thus they aren’t all-powerful, at least that is if left to grow naturally.
With resources their growth can be accelerated, at least the growth of their powers, even if their bodies are developing slower.
Even with rich resources, they grow slower than other races, but they are formidable nonetheless, the leaders of the beasts being amongst the strongest beings in the multi-verse.
Their geniuses can achieve remarkable feats by the mark of their fifth century of living, and that is the threshold they use to evaluate their brethren.
Or that was until she appeared, a monster amongst monsters.
It wasn’t anything out of ordinary to have chosen one’s, that can become unbeatable in their own generation and even across generations below the age of 100, but this time a freak of nature appeared.
A young lady, with a perfect posture, perfect body and spring green hair and stars in her eyes appeared on a merchant planet and defeated all those of her age.
She was rumoured to be 18, thus a lot of clans and organizations from that system and even galaxy rushed to recruit her.
She beat several figures that were one generation older than her (meaning they were at least 118+ years old), and one weak 2 generation older entity.
This made the galaxy she was in speechless, but on the grand scale of the entire realm, she wasn’t praise worthy yet.
She entered an organization called “Forest’s Growth”, mainly made up by forest dwelling beasts, and even other races.
The organization was both fighting and business orientated, so she needed to excel at both, and excel she did.
Not even a year later, from her starting position of desk clerk, she rose to the position of Branch Head in another galaxy, while raising riches unimaginable to the organization itself.
She was able to find rare herbs, ores and even rare mutated wild beasts in the great forests of the galaxy, starting to monopolise the greatest treasures of the wilderness.
Her business acumen was so developed and sharp that she could make a profit by selling nothing but dirt, earning her the moniker of “Empress of Treasures”.
She raised a wild behemoth and a wild heaven seeking eagle, both beasts with the change of becoming true members of the race, awakening their wisdom and becoming highly talented individuals.
On the fighting part, she destroyed several demon and undead outposts, battling against individuals over 5 centuries old, while she herself being less than 20.
Before even a decade has passed since she joined the organization, she took over the Head’s position, inheriting everything the organization had to offer, being the youngest individual on a battlefield reserved for only the elite.
She governed over an organization that held branches in a dozen galaxies and quickly led it to the peak.
At first, the other organization tried to move against her, seeing how she was even younger than a thousandth of their own age, but they hit an iron board.
She protected her weaknesses better than most, and she could see things other couldn’t even begin to imagine.
She was prepared for everything, and she was prepared to do anything to win.
Her powers were almighty, being unable to be exhausted, unable to be caught her endurance, vitality being staggering, and due to nobody knowing her true race there was nothing to be done to counter it.
She led the organization to expand, and before she became 200 years old, in a bit more than a century and half, the organization became one of the top 100 organizations of the entire realm.
Fighting power wise, she became the disciple of the Goddess of Life, the number one expert of the realm, thus strengthening her and her organization’s position.
She grew so quickly, people were often thinking she was the incarnation of the realm’s will.
She got the moniker of “monsters amongst monsters” to show her superiority compared to the other geniuses, prodigies and chosen ones.
She was good at everything she did, and almost being the best at anything she tried her hands at.

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Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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