The lonely doll

Once upon a time there was a small, exquisite porcelain doll.
It was made by a master doll maker from a small town.
It was pale, with beautiful sky blue eyes and long black hair.
It wore a beautiful red and green dress, with a big purple ribbon tied at its waist.
The doll maker considered the doll his masterpiece.
It was the embodiment of perfection to him, as it resembled her daughter, whom was the first owner of the doll.
The daughter loved the doll more than anything.
She slept with the doll, ate with the doll, played with the doll, and even took it to school.
That is…until the daughter started going to high school, when she stopped paying as much attention to the small, exquisite porcelain doll.
It was still treasured by her, but her love towards it started to diminish.
The doll wasn’t a normal doll, due to the doll maker’s and the daughter’s extensive care, and love, it changed.
The doll couldn’t talk yet, but it could slightly move, and could perfectly understand the emotions of those around it.
When it saw that the daughter started losing her feelings towards it, the doll felt for the first time pain.
It tried to bring the daughter’s attention back to itself, by falling off the shelves, moving other dolls, teddy bears and pillows around it, but nothing worked.
In fact, it scared the daughter, pushing her to lock the exquisite porcelain doll in the attic.
Years passed, and the doll continued to grow spiritually, but this was a bad thing for it, as it started to feel…lonely.
It was all alone in the attic, surrounded by forgotten items, dust, bugs and occasionally an owl that succeeded to enter the attic through a space between the tiles of the roof.
It longed for love, it longed for attention, it longed for a partner, for a playmate…thus the doll birthed its own motivation and obsession.
Years after years, it dreamed of finally meeting the daughter, or meeting anyone as she longed for the general feeling, not necessarily for the daughter’s love…and finally her dreams, came true.
An old lady, accompanied by a young girl came to the attic.
“You see, Lily, that’s my doll that I was talking about.
I loved it as a child, but when I grew older, I found it…rather strange.”
The old lady said.
“I love it grandma!
Can I have it?”
Lily asked in a sweet voice, running towards the porcelain doll.
The doll, could’ve moved, and maybe even spoke to the 2, but it refrained itself as it knew, that that, would do no good.
The old lady carefully inspected the porcelain doll, and after a while, she gave it to her granddaughter.
“Of course sweetie, take care of it.”
The old lady said.
Lily beamed with happiness, as she fell in love with the rather dusty, but clearly beautiful porcelain doll.
Lily loved the porcelain doll, and played with it daily, even going so far to collect other dolls to keep it company.
The doll was happy to gain the love of the child, and even gain playmates, but soon, she felt the great pain again…she was lonely.
Lily spent a lot of time at school, and at her grandma, being away from the doll.
The other porcelain dolls couldn’t move, nor talk, thus it made the porcelain doll feel even worse.
It wanted Lily to be with her all the time.
Thus, the next time Lily slept in her own room, the doll moved from the shelves next to Lily.
Lily had a sweet smile on her face, probably enjoying a beautiful dream, when she was awoken by a cold touch on her cheeks.
She wanted to sit up, but she couldn’t really move.
She moved her gaze around the room, and the room seemed bigger.
“Welcome sister.”
She heard a beautiful, soothing voice echo in her head.
She turned her head a bit, as she couldn’t do it properly and she saw…the doll.
The doll was…smiling.
Lily got scared and wanted to scream, but she couldn’t.
She panicked, and looked around, tried to move, but alas she couldn’t.
She looked down and she saw that she was wearing a beautiful green dress…a dress for dolls.
In order to combat loneliness, the doll changed Lily into one of its own.
Lily became the first sister of the Lonely Doll, as she will be called in the legends of the ages that have yet to pass.

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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