Invisible Barriers

There is an invisible barrier that is raised up by every single individual and it varies in purpose.
Some barriers are there to protect one from harm, but even these are rather…varied in nature.
Some protect one from harm being dealt by a closed one, others from harm being dealt by strangers and some extremely strong barriers protect one from harm being dealt by anyone, even they themselves.
These barriers manifest in strange ways, but never truly materialise.
They usually make one individual behave in certain ways, avoid certain interactions, and actions, and most importantly they make an individual be indifferent to different stimuli.
These barriers that protect one from harm are rather benevolent but they aren’t always good for one’s development.
Now, there are other types of barriers as well, like those who are raised to ignore certain endeavours, actions and emotions.
These are the extreme parts of the previous “avoidance”.
The ones who avoid certain things are aware of the existence of stimuli that upsets them, but barriers that have been raised to ignore certain events, activities are extreme in nature, making one completely unaware of the existence of upsetting stimuli.
They are rather harmful for one’s development.
Now, for the last part there are barriers used as obstacles against the approach of others.
These are related to the first kind, but instead of avoidance, or ignorance they are rather just filters that work as “tests”.
If one successfully passes them, they can really get the barrier owner’s trust.
These are just a few invisible barriers that are raised by individuals, there are countless of them: barriers that create groups of individuals, barriers that disallow the progress of certain individuals, barriers that increase the difficulty of certain individuals life and many more.
The study of these invisible barriers is a truly fascinating one, and is worth spending time on.

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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